MasterShield Gutter Guard Inventor Receives 5th Patent on Microfilter

MasterShield gutter guard inventor Edward “Alex” Higginbotham was recently granted his fifth US Patent for a gutter guard that features a microfilter. And for the first time, the US Patent Office has acknowledged the uniqueness of the use of a microfilter, and granted a patent claim on the microfilter itself.

Any cloth-like material that contains between 80-500 threads per inch and used in a gutter guard is a microfilter or micro mesh. This also corresponds to the definition manufacturers of wire mesh products use for their industry. Since 2001, when Alex Higginbotham introduced his first gutter guard, many companies have tried to jump on the microfiltration band wagon and anything – from products with punched holes to expanded metal to regular screen – was calling itself a microfilter or micro mesh. With this patent, a guideline has been set for microfiltration of 80 threads per inch or more. For a product to be “microfiltered” it must go through a US Patent Office defined membrane of 100 microns or less.  To note, Higginbotham technology goes beyond microfiltration teachings; it is primarily about how to effectively pull water through filtration membranes.

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Alex Higginbotham’s 5th patent goes beyond defining a microfilter. It also states that there is a ratio of thread size to threads per inch that maximizes a microfilter’s ability to take water. You may have seen other posts that mention the importance of the Higginbotham Ratio. The concepts behind it have now been protected in this fifth patent.

What’s Special About the MasterShield Gutter Guard Inventor’s Technology?

Microfilters that maximize the Higginbotham ratio take water through them better. When filtering, the right ratio means that less water tracks over the filter, flowing effortlessly through it instead. Filters that track water over their surfaces are more likely to fail. When a gutter guard company tries to focus homeowners’ attention on the fact that their product has a “stiff” or “strong” filter, they’re just missing the mark on the importance of water permeability and exactly what the Higginbotham Ratio accomplishes. (It also indicates how little they truly understand about the technology and why what Alex Higginbotham discovered was patentable in the first place).

We think the video below does a great job of explaining this “Impossible Cloth” we’ve named MicroVortex. In it, you’ll see Alex Higginbotham testing the stainless steel filters of two other products. Only MasterShield Gutter Guard has the MicroVortex microfilter. Only our MicroVortex cloth takes water through it with virtually no overflow.

Congratulations to Alex Higginbotham on his most recent accomplishment. MasterShield gutter guard is pleased to be the only company that employs the latest in his patented technological advancements.

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