MasterShield Gutter Guard Gets First Patent in Australia

patent in australia

MasterShield Gutter Guard’s inventor, Edward “Alex” Higginbotham’s gutter guard gets first patent in Australia. His first Australian patent is for a gutter guard which use micro mesh gutter guard technology.

The Australian gutter guard patent describes a simple perforated horizontal plane that has upward protruding elements that arise from the top surface of the perforated plane. The plane contains recessed wells between the protruding elements with at least one well being perforated and where at least one of the upward protruding elements contacts the surface of a filtering element.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Patent

Australian Patent Office Seal

Gutter Guard Gets First Patent in Australia

In a separate claim, the patent also describes a cloth containing a minimum of 100 threads per inch with open air spaces of not more than 100 microns between the threads.

The Australian patent complements US Patent 7,191,564 for a self-cleaning gutter guard which was issued to Mr. Higginbotham by the US Patent and Trademark office in March 2007. This was the fourth US patent issued to Mr. Higginbotham. Canada issued him a sister patent for the same technology in 2010.  Currently, he holds nine US patents on gutter guards with filtration technology.  MGP, the manufacturing company behind MasterShield, licenses the Higginbotham patent portfolio.

Three countries have now embraced and protected the unique and original technology developed by Mr. Higginbotham.

MasterShield is one of only two products licensed to use this technology. No other product has permission from Mr. Higginbotham to use this technology. Any product with a similar description in the United States, Canada or Australia that currently employs this technology is doing so without the permission of the patent holder or licensee.

MGP is the only gutter guard manufacturer with which Mr. Higginbotham remains affiliated.

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