MasterShield Dealers Hold Meeting in Chicago

MGP Manufacturing recently hosted a meeting for its MasterShield dealers in Chicago.  It might seem crazy to head into a cold location rather than something warm and inviting, but it gave MasterShield dealers the ability to meet some of MGP’s advisors and consultants.

Dealers came in from both coasts as well as from across the midwest.  The participants spent two days discussing marketing, the MasterShield installation process, in home sales, and the systems needed to run an efficient business.

Tired of Gutter Cleaning

Alex Higginbotham Speaking to MasterShield DealersThis was the first time for many dealers to meet Alex Higginbotham in person.  Alex gave an inspirational and motivational speech to the crowd in the room then later followed it with an in depth discussion of what was behind his technology and features you’ll find in it that other products just don’t have.  Everyone in the room walked away with learning things that surprised them about the intricacies in the building blocks of innovation in the field.  Afterwards, he spent over two hours answering questions (there’s a lot more to microfiltration than what it takes to brew coffee through a filter).  Meeting Alex first hand and getting the chance to talk to him one on one was a highlight for many who attended.

MGP arranged for certain of its consultants to participate and speak with the group.  MasterShield dealers got a firsthand opportunity to ask questions and tap into the knowledge base of these experts to help their own businesses.

MasterShield dealers also used their down time to work with each other.  There’s nothing like being face to face with another business owner  that isn’t in direct competition with you to spark new ideas, form new bonds and alliances.

Cap it all off at a local steak house for a team dinner, the night didn’t end but was followed with nightcaps that kept people up talking long into the night.

Dealer meetings like this benefit every business participating in the program as well as every homeowner that purchases the product.  Standards are raised, goals are set higher and a positive experience for the buyer is demanded.

MasterShield Dealers Comment

Alex Higginbotham Explaining Technology to MasterShield DealersHere’s what a few attendees had to say afterwards:

“Thank you so much for the very productive and informative meeting. As a new member of the MasterShield team, getting to meet, hear, and discuss ideas and prospective’s from other dealers in different markets was very helpful. It was also incredible to meet with Alex and get his insight on the gutter world. The information that Alex brings to the table is MasterShield’s best weapon. Having 14 years experience in the gutter protection industry does not compare to the wealth of knowledge Alex brings to the table. The way Alex can describe how things work is something I can not wait to share with my salesmen. From Alex, the other dealers who were good enough to share, this meeting was an incredible help to me and my dealership. Again thank you for taking your time [for this] and thanks to the other dealers for investing their time wisely. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT A GREAT YEAR!  Jeff W.

That was a great meeting. We are totally energized and feel this will be our break out year. We look forward to continuing our relationship and becoming MasterShield’s largest dealer! Thanks again.  Fred R.

Prior to attending this meeting I knew nothing of the other dealers in the system but after spending time with all of them I was encouraged. I had the pleasure of meeting a great set of owners. The topics covered were nothing less than amazing. Sales techniques, business ideas, installation tricks and product information all from others just like me. All providing their experiences and giving me the tools I will use to make my business better.  I wanted to personally thank Alex for all he shared.  We have a common thread in wanting to see our niche in the market succeed. There is power in numbers.  Chris V.

I’m glad I made the trip.  The first day was the best, and I think some of the most helpful information was Alex explaining the product. That gave everybody more confidence in the what we’re selling. I believe doing this twice a year would be a great idea.  Brent B.

Tired of Gutter Cleaning


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