MasterShield Complaints: Three Things to Know Before You Buy

before you buy

MasterShield ComplaintsDo we ever get MasterShield complaints from existing customers?  We’d certainly be painting an unrealistic picture if we said no.  In a perfect world, where it only rained like the conditions we can create on a home show water display, we’d never get a complaint!

Working with inventor Alex Higginbotham, we use the feedback we get from different parts of the country to constantly improve our product and its performance.  We keep our dealers abreast of the hows and the whys with access to up to date product information and rely on them to get our methodology out to their estimators and installers.

Nonetheless, every now and then MasterShield complaints come along.
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Even the best products get complaints and frankly, we’re no exception. Our dealers don’t have many, which tells you something in itself, but since there have been some, it helps to understand how they arise and, more importantly, how we collectively handle them.

Here are a few examples to illustrate our point:

The Top Sources of MasterShield Complaints

  1. Customer Expectations – Our independent dealers have in-home advisers to give customized gutter guard estimates, along with a thorough appraisal or assessment of the problems that exist at that home.  Being forthcoming, setting reasonable expectations upfront and keeping the channels of communication open usually results in their customers being fully satisfied.     Occasionally, despite everyone’s best efforts, miscommunication occurs, which can result in extra stress for homeowners.  Of course, we occasionally find people that might not have retained everything they’ve heard, so we do our best to point them to blog posts where we did our best to cover key topics.  For example, we have over seven posts on gutter guards in the snow just to make sure people understand that gutter guards are designed to keep debris out of gutters, but we still get MasterShield complaints that snow melt drips off the system.  People are also surprised when debris sits on the system, despite the fact that debris sits on their roof.  Regardless of the reason, we do everything we can to ensure that reasonable expectations are shared, allowing our customers to make an informed purchase.
  2. New Problems– Our dealers know the common gutter problems they’ll uncover around most homes and make a point to check they don’t exist at a home when they go through the estimate process.  Sometimes, new problems occur when conditions change, like dripping snow, or adding a gutter guard to an inside valley, where volumes of water build up.   Sometimes, for aesthetic reasons, a homeowner will choose not to follow the advise or installation methodology of the product.  They are then surprised when it doesn’t perform as intended and choose to blame the product rather than their choice.  Most people understand a new problem requires a new solution; others, who may have had negative experiences with other contractors, will assume that the product doesn’t work or that it wasn’t installed right.  For those customers, our dealers make every effort to get them to install the system to our specifications or make the new repair quickly at a fair price.
  3. Unexpected Issues – Occasionally, MasterShield complaints develops or exists because something was missed in an initial assessment.  Even a gutter expert can miss an issue because they’re usually not at the house in the rain when leaks, drips or clogs are better assessed.  Even when they test with a hose, it’s not the same as real rain.  Diagnosing gutter or gutter guard problems is not a perfect science.   But unnecessary repairs raise leaf guard costs; they realize doing it right keeps them from making a second trip.  Since they do get the occasional call-back, they individually warranty their work and will always return to fix the problem.

We don’t try to hide the MasterShield complaints that exist, but we also don’t want to be burdened from complaints that aren’t related to us.  Take for example, Master Shield Inc. a company based in Ohio that went out of business in 2009.  They sold more than one gutter protection product and we try to cover this issue on our contact us page.   Want an independent assessment from a third party of how customers feel about the product?  Take a look at the 115+ positive comments about our Chicago dealer from Ebsco Research: MasterShield Reviews
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MasterShield complaints can also become the way to turn lemons into lemonade.  Businesses make themselves better by increasing training, changing processes and improving products.  We hope that’s a fair assessment of your experience with the product and the independent dealer network that we work with.