Master Shield New Years Resolutions: Get Inspired to Make a Change

This year is so new, it’s still got that new-car smell! Yet there is no time like the present to make New Year’s resolutions for your home’s exterior that can improve the way you and your family live. We’re here to help with a few simple tips. It doesn’t take the price of a new car to make very real changes – to your home and the precious time you spend in it.

Home Resolution #1: Spend More Time Doing What You Want With Your Weekends

MasterShield Gutter Guard Inspiration

Being around for your child is a lot better use of your time than weekend chores like gutter cleaning.

After a busy work week, you probably don’t want to come home on a Friday night and start planning your weekend chores. There are too many days when unexpected tasks, like shoveling snow or dealing with a broken water heater, will crop up to eat away those precious hours. Why not make your home exterior more maintenance-free so that you’ll have the time to coach your daughter’s soccer team, play a round of golf or learn how to make family videos? We live in a do-it-all society, and some tasks are just worth eliminating so we can concentrate on the things that add real value to our lives.

Gutter maintenance and cleaning tend to be one of your home exterior’s more complicated and fearful chores. A micro mesh gutter guard can offer you lots more free time and it comes with fringe benefits: avoiding climbing ladders, dealing with the horrible smell and mess of clogged gutters, and protecting your home from water damage.

Home Resolution #2: Do Your Part to Go Green

You’ve probably changed many of your exterior bulbs to LED or CDF models, and didn’t realized that was a great first step in going green. Do you or your spouse like to garden? Does your community get hit with water restrictions on lawns and landscaping throughout the spring and summer? Then, for only a few dollars, you can invest in a rain barrel, an easy first step to installing a rain harvesting system. Imagine having naturally soft water always at the right temperature to use for your potted plants or garden. Just don’t do it without protecting the rainwater you are harvesting with a micro-mesh gutter guard. With some, like MasterShield, you can filter your water to 50 microns and keep the water you harvested free from debris that can cause the water you collect and store to get acidic.

Home Resolution #3: Get More Sleep

Everyone sleeps better when they have no worries. And if you don’t find the sound of rain drops hitting your roof soothing, you’re likely concerned about water damage. Could your worries stem from a gutter overflowing? If it’s winter, are you worried about icicles making your entrance ways dangerous? If you have a micro-mesh gutter guard installed, you can rest easier. Our guarantee is that the interior of your gutter can’t clog and overflow. In the winter, you can consider heating MasterShield and avoiding icicles from forming in the first place. Overall, you’ll remain more relaxed for more important matters each night, like pleasant dreams.

Complimentary Trouble Shooting Services: Let an Independently Owned Dealer Be of Assistance

Need assistance solving a gutter problem or choosing the right gutter guard? Arrange for a free consultation with a MasterShield Specialist, one of our independently owned and operated dealers that installs MasterShield. They pride themselves with straightforward resolutions, friendly service and a no-nonsense approach to protecting your home. We offer the finest gutter protection available today and the easiest way for you to get it installed.

Happy New Year – here’s to a prosperous and low-maintenance 2012!

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