MasterShield Gutter Guard Installation


MasterShield gutter guards require a professional installer, and we have a growing network of independently owned dealers around the country to be of assistance.

MasterShield Gutter Guard InstallationHomeowners often call and ask us if they can buy it directly from us, but with our years of experience, we’ve found that the installation is best left to someone already familiar with gutter installations.

  • MasterShield performs best when it is pitched with the roofline. This ensures that the product uses windflow down the roof to best shed itself of debris. Gutter guards installed flat trap debris, especially in the springtime and require more maintenance by the homeowner. Let’s be honest and say that most people are going to ignore gutter cleaning of any kind once their gutter guard is installed, so the more the product can self clean, the better.
  • Our installation methodology has been approved by GAF/ELK not to void their roof warranty. At all costs, we have to make sure that your roof shingles continue to lie flat on the product and do not create what we call the “diving board effect.” This refers to water flowing off the shingles which lie on a different plane from the gutter guard below, ours or our competitors. If it does this, it tends to shoot right over the gutter and gutter guard. Secondly, we do not want to cause roof shingles to lift, dry and age prematurely, especially at the roof edge. Lastly, roof shingles can be nailed in lower than expected on a roof, and with our long back fin, we need to be able to adjust for this circumstance.
  • Our filter can’t be covered by the roof shingles. When it is, the product just isn’t filtering to its maximum capacity. Often we find roof shingles dropping too far into the gutter and adjustments need to be made to the size of the gutter or the position of the gutter to accommodate the product.
  • Our panels interlock while the gutter drops down towards the downspout. The part of our panel that sits on the front lip of the gutter and the drip edge should look seamless down the gutter run. We want virtually no space between the panels to eliminate a common problem of gutter guards–dripping at the seams. We even have a special element we named G-Man in honor of the dealer that came up with the way to stop seam dripping completely.
  • The ends have to be completely sealed. Every dealer makes custom endcaps because every roof and roof line is just a little bit different from the last, even on the same house.
  • Inside and outside corners. We work with a completely different product for most inside corners. Why? We need something that can handle huge volumes of water while shedding debris.

A homeowner installed system should require a lot less time and energy to install than a MasterShield system. Too many people would be inclined to take shortcuts on installation and then wonder (or complain) that MasterShield doesn’t work the way they thought it would. By working with the staff of an independently owned dealer, you have someone that addresses water management problems on a daily basis. It just makes sense to have the benefit of their experience and expertise for your gutter or gutter guard installation.