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Should You Install Your Own Rain Gutters?


If you haven’t noticed, many home improvement centers like Lowes are really pushing the larger do-it-yourself home repairs, like installing your own rain gutters. But if you own your own home (one that you would like to sell one day) is this really a wise choice?


Of course, you can paint a room or install a light fixture, but do you really want to get up on a ladder with one of your friends and install Lowes gutters and gutter guards? Keeping in mind, these are the first things people will notice about your house if you mess it up. It is also the first thing you will notice if it rains and all your rain gutters are leaking.


Installing Lowes Gutters Yourself


Lowes has started manufacturing everything as lighter-weight so it is easier to manage, carry, and install for the do-it-yourselfer. But there’s a problem with this. Here’s what one do-it-your-selfer had to say on the Lowes website about some they had purchased:


“First of all, it’s nearly impossible to find undented stock. Almost all damaged in store. Gutters are thin. Bends are undefined. Accessories don’t fit other parts. This is not like O.E.M (original equipment manufacturers) gutters installed on good houses.”


Alright, maybe this person was buying cheap rain gutters and got what they paid for, but it doesn’t stop there. Even the person who was willing to spend more had problems of their own:

“THE PROBLEM is that Lowe’s sells several gutter guard options, and NONE of them work with these gutters!!!”

However, this may be an isolated problem that only people who want to save some money on labor are experiencing. After all, Lowes does install gutters, too.


Lowes Gutter Installation


Since Lowes only installs their own gutters, you will still run into the same problems as you encountered by installing them yourself, only now you will have a lifetime guarantee for cheap rain gutter installation. And if you want guards that fit them, apparently Lowes doesn’t have them. It doesn’t matter who installs your Lowes gutters.


And that’s another thing. When you call your local Lowes store and hit the number to talk to have gutters installed, you will be transferred to a 1-800 number. Then the operator at the Lowes national call center will assign someone to your installation. This is not a contractor who works for Loewe’s and could be a person who will never reappear at your home again. It’s nice to know that you now have a lifetime guarantee on cheap rain gutters that were installed poorly by someone you will never see again.

Good luck with that 1-800 number!

MasterShield Gutter Protection Makes a Difference


First of all, MasterShield gutter protection dealers are all independently owned and operated. So you will not be talking to someone you will never see again.


Secondly, the high quality of materials, coupled with expert installation guarantees you will never have to use gutter cleaning tools again, let alone track down someone to fix what they should have done right in the first place.