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Tired of Gutter Cleaning? End Cleaning & Clogs With MasterShield – Guaranteed. Your Money Back if Your Gutters Ever Clog!

Long Island gutter guards have generally stayed the same over the past 30 years.  Ask your local roofer,  gutter installer, or contractor to install a system and they’ll buy whatever the local building center sells (and likely choose the cheapest ones they can get for Long Island gutter guards).  Sadly, what gets put on your home is a system and design that lets in lots of gunky stuff, meaning you still have to clean your gutters.

Gutter covers options have dramatically changed over the past ten years.  Your Long Island gutter guards should be MasterShield, the only shingle-safe certified gutter guard that microfilters water, self-cleans of all tree debris and which doesn’t sit flat— to offer protection from damaging clogs and their potential water damage water for your home.  Insist on top value with the best-performing, most maintenance-free rain water management system. You don’t have to take our word for it.  MasterShield has been rated the top performing gutter guard by Gutter Protection Reviews!

LONG ISLAND SAVINGS! Our estimates are fast, easy and pressure free. Act now, save $250 instantly and put your gutter hassles behind you for good.

Tired of Gutter Cleaning

We Solve Gutter Issues Found Only in Long Island

  • Pine, Maple or Elm trees? MasterShield keeps out anything they drop
  • Shingle-Safe™ back allows us to pitch with the roof, eliminating the needle trapping “shelf effect” of other systems
  • Side-by-side, homeowners prefer MasterShield over older Long Island gutter guards
  • Put an end to clogged gutters. Keep you and your loved ones off that wobbly ladder for good

Trees grow all over Long Island, from the North Shore to the South.  Neighborhoods no longer feel like the prairie they were originally built upon.  But there is a price for shade around your home. You’re left with an additional sloppy, hazardous, time-consuming chore:  gutter cleaning.

MasterShield helps solve problems with your gutters—even ones you may not know you have—because your typical Long Island gutter guards just don’t address them.

Why Gutter Guards with Openings Fail

Long Island Gutter Guards shouldn't look like this. Spruce needles get in!Most Long Island gutter guards have slots, slits, gaps, louvers—a space small or large—that allows gunk in.  That style was first invented in the 1890s and is still sold today with  “don’t clean your gutters again…” slogans.

You already own a gutter that lets in debris! It’s what you’re trying to avoid!

MasterShield takes in water and sheds gunk differently than other Long Island gutter guards.  It’s new gutter guard technology.

Water wants to go right through it.  Gunk can’t get through it.  It keeps everything out every day. It’s one of the reasons why we can say “Your Money Back if Your Gutters Ever Clog”.

Why Flat Gutter Covers Fail

What do shelves do?  They hold our books and treasures.  While that’s nice in your home, a shelf over your gutter is not good in a gutter guard.

Tiny stuff drops from trees in the spring; leaves fall when the weather gets colder.  Pine trees are the worse, dropping needles all year long.  All this stuff can collect on the shelf-like gutter cover you install.  That gunk forms a solid surface and nothing can get into your gutters anymore.

We set MasterShield apart from all other systems by angling like your roof AND getting that angle to pull through lots of rain.  It isn’t easy installing this way, but you won’t be cleaning your gutter cover this way.

We even went as far as to have GAF, CertainTeed, Owens-Corning and IKO approve our installation methodology. MasterShield will not void your roof shingle warranty!

These are just a couple ways how we can offer MasterShield with our money back warranty.

Winter snow and ice mean icicles on all gutter guards.  If you think it will be an issue ask about Ice Shield™, where we strategically can heat MasterShield.

Our Clients Say it All

Big Cat Gutters/6S Home Improvement is the independently owned, MasterShield dealer on Long Island. They could have sold any gutter guards, but chose MasterShield for the technology and performance.

Tired of Gutter Cleaning

MasterShield is the best choice for Long Island gutter guards, here’s what homeowners have to say:

LONG ISLAND SAVINGS! $250 OFF! Pressure free estimates to boot.  The time to stay off your ladder is now.

*  We do not combine the offer from our local dealer with the offer on the video.  Please contact Big Cat/6S for complete details; there may be some restrictions.    MasterShield dealers are all independently owned and operated, right where you live.  All offers come from the local company and not from the manufacturer.


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