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Leaf Guard Reviews: Top 7 Consumer Problems with Leaf Guards

Quick Summary 

Homeowners can encounter various problems with the many different leaf guards available today. If you invest in your home, you want your investment to be effective and not cause more problems down the road. Not all leaf guard filters are created equal. MasterShield’s leaf guard system can protect your home from the issues other leaf filter products can’t. Our leaf guards are engineered for longevity and effectiveness.

Each MasterShield system is customized to meet your home’s needs. Our leaf filter stops problems caused by heavy rain, leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, wildlife, even roof structure and gutter installation.

The inclusion of copper in MasterShield Gutter Protection kills spores and breaks down oils, moss, lichen, and algae while extending the life of your gutters and roof.  MasterShield can be installed with the pitch of your roof and not risk water running over the filter. Our Gutter Guards take in more water because of the Micro Vortex microfilter. Say goodbye to overshooting.

Experienced dealers install our MasterShield systems with precision and expertise that leave our customers happy and saying they “should have done this a long time ago”.

Are you having problems with your leaf guards?

Or are you looking to prevent these problems before they even begin? When you’re investing in your home, you need to know it’s going to count.

Below you’ll find seven issues homeowners often experience with gutter systems. We took the time to map out leaf guard reviews and our technical solutions for each.

Innovator Alex Higginbotham solved the problem of oil buildup and overshooting water. His developed technologies eliminated those problems. Now homeowners like you have far fewer worries when it comes to maintaining gutters.

Our MasterShield Gutter Guards solve homeowners’ top problems with leaf guards.

Customer leaf guard reviews highlight our:

  • fair price,
  • superior products,
  • dealers’ expert installation,
  • and they often tell us they “should have done this a long time ago.”

(Thanks, Nall & George B!)

Keep reading to discover how our premium gutter leaf guards can improve your gutters.

1. Do Leaf Guards really work?

broken gutter

Not all gutters are alike.

Problems arise when you get subpar gutters, or your gutters get installed wrong. Most issues about gutters are the result of improper installation.

Do you think this might be what’s wrong with your gutters? Check your manufacturer’s guide to figure out if it might be the case.

Does your gutter have inside corners where water is overshooting the gutter?

Do your gutters hang more than two inches below your shingles?

Checking for issues can help you pinpoint the problems with your gutter. Then you will discover what sort of solution you’re looking for to enhance your gutter system.

One frequent leaf guard review of leaf guards’ poor design or poor installation is the gutter shelf.

Leaf guards that sit in the gutter or don’t pitch with the roof often make a shelf at the edge of your roof. This unpleasant fact leads to ice dams and debris buildup (see #2 and #4 below).

Our Leaf Guard Solutions:

We engineer our Leaf Guards for effectiveness and longevity.

Hydro Vortex technology allows MasterShield gutters to take water vertically.

We can install our gutters along the pitch of your roof without the risk of water running right over the filter.

With this pitch, debris can blow off the gutter guard so the water goes into your gutter unhindered. It lets the wind do the hard work of getting debris off your roof without it clogging up your gutter.

When the gutter matches the pitch of your roof:

  1. It improves the gutter’s ability to self-clean.
  2. It minimizes the need for homeowner maintenance giving you more time for the things you love.

We install our gutter leaf guards under the shingles with a Shingle-Safe guarantee.

Our customized flexible back adjusts to whatever mount your roof requires. With MasterShield, you’re less likely to deal with some of these other common problems.

2. Frozen Gutters

ice dam

Hello, winter weather!

If you live in a climate with freezing temperatures, your leaf guard will get icicles at some point.

Open gutters get icicles too.

Your dealer should discuss winter weather concerns with you before installation.

Whatever kind of gutter you have, it doesn’t have to be a massive problem for you.

Most gutters get designed for the weather events of spring, summer, and fall. Our gutter leaf guards can create an extension of your roof in freezing precipitation.

You may have icicles form on your gutter cover or beneath your gutter. These can cause damage if they fall or add excessive weight to lower-quality gutters.

Ice dams are another issue.

Dams can form as ice builds up at the edge of your roof over the gutter. This dam then keeps water and snow from draining off your roof.

If water then builds up behind the dam, it can cause water damage and other problems inside your home.

So, what can you do about the inevitable winter problems for your gutters?

Our Solutions:

It’s difficult to fight the strength of winter. Icicles will form on your leaf guard, but this is a far better option than the ice blocks that can form without them.

And we offer post-installation heating options.

You may have found already that heated gutter guard systems can be a pricey fix to your icicle or ice dam problems.

Heating additions gives you time to pinpoint your problem areas as winter hits.

We’ll provide spot placement for heating elements to keep your gutters functioning well.

Icicles forming on your leaf guards are preferable to the block of ice that forms when water freezes in your gutters.

Investing in MasterShield prevents problems before they start.

3. Roof Shingle Oils

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you may have issues with the oils that leak from the roof.

Shingles contain oils to enhance their effectiveness. Over time these oils leech out of the shingles and make their way down your roof with precipitation.

Few gutter systems fight the effects of these tar-like oils.

Depending on your system, these oils can build up and cause damage to your leaf guard. Sometimes rendering them useless. But not with MasterShield products.

Our Solutions:

Shingle oils have been vital in the development of MasterShield’s self-cleaning technology.

Like other leaf gutter guards, Alex Higginbotham’s first product failed because of these oils. But he didn’t let that stop him.

Today, our leaf guards get made from copper-laced metal with microfilter protection. It is a proven remedy to break down oils.

MasterShield leaf guards self-clean these oils from their surfaces naturally. So you are less likely to face oil buildup issues in the first place. That’s a huge win!

4. Dirty Leaf Guard Gutters

dirty gutters

Shingle oil isn’t the only culprit clogging up your gutters.

Leaf guards aren’t 100% protective from debris and dirt. Debris often follows water into covered gutters, and wet debris is difficult to get rid of.

Moss, algae, and lichen can grow, especially in wet settings.

Curves and angles get dirty and clog your gutter. Sometimes this dirt can even be visible on the front and bottom of the gutter.

It’s difficult to avoid, but we have some solutions for you!

Our Solutions:

The inclusion of copper in our MasterShield design battles this buildup. Copper naturally kills spores that thrive in shady, humid, and moist environments.

The copper in the Mastershield gutter leaf guards kills algae, lichen, and moss on the guard so that they never get into your gutter.

The copper stretches your gutter's lifespan between maintenance cleanings.

You may notice trouble areas on your roof that get sheltered from the wind. This can be a problem because the wind is a natural aid in cleansing your roof and gutters of debris.

You can address problem areas with our Gutter Leaf Guards. You’ll know when it’s the wind and the shape of your roof and not your gutter backing things up. So you can make the most of your valuable time.

5. Nests: Bees & Birds

leaf guard bird nest

Animals can also cause you gutter problems, especially with specific gutter systems.

Curved systems or any system with a solid gutter cover is like an invitation for birds, wasps, and bees.

We once had a dealer contact us to share about his bee encounter when he removed a curved system from a home. In 342 feet of gutter, his installers found 42 bee nests and used over seven cans of bee spray.

That’s one bee nest for every eight feet of gutters!

The good news is you don’t ever have to add these problems to your home.

Our Solutions:

MasterShield’s unique design eliminates the need for a reverse curve system.

Our microfilter protection keeps edges tight. This makes it difficult for animals to build their homes in your gutters. Of course, this also means your gutters will be free to fulfill their purpose and keep your home safe.

6. Water Pooling in Valleys

leaf guard roof peak

The roof structure can cause gutter issues too.

Most manufacturers design leaf guards to manage a straight flow of water. But during a steady rain, the valleys in your roof can form streams. The water runs faster and more profound than the rest of the roof.

By the time it reaches the gutter below, it has built up velocity and overshoots it completely.

This isn’t what you’ve got gutters for, but you have options to fix this problem.

Our Solutions:

MasterShield technology meets the needs of real homeowners with real gutter problems.

 This one’s no different.

Our gutter leaf guard options include our Patented Hi Flow Panel.

This accessory helps allow as much water as possible to move through your system. It also helps valleys shed debris off the roof instead of dumping it in your gutter.

No matter your situation, our dealers can work with you to create a solution to meet your specific needs.

 7. Ineffective Leaf Guard Materials

leaf guard materials

Different materials provide you different results.

The truth is even high-quality leaf guards may not be meeting your needs.

An imperfect shape could be letting in more debris than you want. You may find yourself battling problems from the flimsy materials inside your gutter.

Plastic or vinyl gutters are also prone to sagging and damage. Vinyl rain gutters often get brittle and crack over time.

Plastic collects the oil from your shingles and makes debris buildup more likely.

Dripping is a common issue with any gutter, but it doesn’t have to be a problem for you.

Our Solutions:

MasterShield Gutter Guards offer a drip edge that leads water away from the front lip of the gutter. This feature keeps your gutters from growing those rusty or discolored drip marks.

Our Gutter Guards take in water better because of the Micro Vortex microfilter. It’s both denser and softer and allows our leaf guard to take water better than standard options. This technology helps clean your filter too.

Altogether, you can’t beat MasterShield.

Recent customer Nall from St. Louis said, “I couldn’t be happier with our new gutters, soffit, facia, and master shield gutter cover. The crew was polite, friendly, and professional. Install looks flawless. We had our first rainstorm the day after install, and the gutter covers performed perfectly. Do it right the first time and hire these guys!”

What’s Your Next Step?

Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed by issues with your gutter system.

We’re confident that our gutter guard system is more effective than all the other options.

Our gutter guards provide solutions to your most common problems with leaf guards.

If you’re still uncertain, hear what these customers have to say —

We offer a genuinely unmatched product.
“Looked at most of the competitors. Great product and a good value for the money.” – Dennis S., Missouri

We’re thinking of all the problems in advance, so you don’t have to worry. “Who knew that replacing my gutters would be a ‘pleasant’ experience?!” – Tony W, Kansas City

MasterShield Leaf Guard systems are customized to meet your home’s needs. We offer the highest quality service with a truly remarkable and valuable product.

Now that you have all the information get your free estimate for our Gutter Guards today!

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