Leaf Guards: Your Dog’s Best Protection Against Clogged Gutter Dangers

We mentioned a few weeks ago that clogged gutters and gutter problems could be dangerous to your pets.  That’s because clogged gutters leave pools of water in them that don’t evaporate very quickly.  And the common mosquito, one of your pet’s smallest enemies, will breed in your gutters.

While most people are well aware that mosquitoes carry the West Nile Virus, they are also the carrier of heartworm disease.

Clogged Gutter Pet Issues

Your yard should be the place of great memories with your dog. Don’t let a clogged gutter risk his health when biting mosquitoes can carry heartworm disease.

Dogs are the classic hosts for heartworms.  Heartworms don’t discriminate, you’ll find them in dogs of any age, sex or location across North America.  Heartworms can live in your pet for 5 to 7 years.  They spread by using mosquitoes as their hosts, living as larvae in the mosquitoes.  When an infected mosquito bites your dog, the larvae gets into their system, where they travel to your dog’s heart. Once there they grow, living off of the lining of the heart.  They can also plug major blood vessels and affect your dog’s lungs.

Heartworm can present itself with minor, moderate or severe symptoms.  Best of all, it’s preventable with monthly medication that has few side effects.  But why would you ever let it get a foothold in your yard?

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Clogged Gutters Increase the Chance Your Dog Gets Infected

Since your dog probably spends more time running around your yard that anywhere else, don’t let a clogged gutter become another mosquito breeding ground.  Mosquitoes tend to breed in the same locations.  While you may diligently check for standing water in places you can reach, you may be avoiding it in places you can’t—like your gutters.

A clogged gutter is not just a spring and fall phenomenon.  It’s likely you’ll find a clogged gutter somewhere around your home during the long mosquito breeding season.  The clogged gutter might not be sufficient to cause it to overflow like Niagara Falls, but the clogged gutter might be enough to cause water pooling whenever it rains.  If you’re not taking the time to check your gutters regularly, you and your pet may be getting bitten on a regular basis by mosquitoes carrying heartworm disease.

The Right Leaf Guards can Eliminate Clogged Gutters

Not all leaf guards will offer you and your pets freedom against a clogged gutter.  That’s because most systems have slits, openings, louvers, gaps or holes that are big enough for debris to still get into the gutter. If debris gets in, it will likely cause a place where a pool of water can form, no different from an open gutter.  If the gutter guard has openings big enough for a mosquito to get through (and that’s most systems), they’ll breed in the pool of water created by the clogged gutter.

Some micromesh gutter guards, like the surgical grade stainless steel microfiltration technology used in MasterShield, completely enclose your gutter and will keep everything, from debris to mosquitoes, from ever getting into your gutters again.  When they’re installed on an angle like your roof, they’ll also shed debris better than systems that install virtually flat like a shelf (wet debris can be a place for mosquitoes to breed).  Our fine filter will keep debris no bigger than half the width of a human hair from ever getting in your gutter.  Your gutters will never becoming a mosquito breeding ground ever again.

Your dog or cat is such an important part of your family.  There’s no reason to put them at extra risk for such a horrible disease when simply solving a clogged gutter can eliminate part of the problem from developing in the first place.

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