Leaf Guard Standards. It’s Time for Master Shield to Raise Them. Here’s Why.

You may never have worked for a company that manufactures a product, but no matter what you do, you’ll understand that this fact is always true: if you set no standards for your raw materials, you can make no promises about your finished product.

Gold Standard of Gutter Protection

A college that has no admission requirements can never be Princeton or Stanford. A person that joins a gym but never goes won’t get fit. And a company that has no requirements for what it uses can make no results guarantees.

This is why MasterShield has requirements:

  • The filter must be woven to maximize the Higginbotham ratio to ensure the most water will flow through it.
  • The stainless steel must be 316 stainless for its strength and so it won’t corrode.
  • The aluminum must be flexible so that it can adapt to the most roof conditions.
  • It must be able to clean itself of roof oils quickly.
  • It must be installed to manufacturer specifications.

Why? Initially, it was simple. We learned from what did and didn’t work in the field.

We’ve subsequently found if we make stipulations about our raw materials, homeowners get a better leaf guard, we get more consistent results and wind up with happier purchasers. We weed the problem situations out in advance. People are satisfied.

We recently talked to someone who was interested in becoming a Master Shield dealer and watched the gears turn in their head when we told them we turn away many inquiries. He couldn’t imagine that we’d just walk away from any opportunity to sell Master Shield. But you can’t attract good leaf guard dealers and happy homeowners if you’re not willing to repel bad dealers and unhappy homeowners.

At MasterShield, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Look, if you want to buy a leaf guard, do you want to figure out after you’ve made the investment you didn’t buy the best product? We don’t think so.

We love our culture of being the industry innovators in leaf guards. We love the fact that what we’ve achieved in the MasterShield product really does mean something to the people that sell it and purchase it. We love being surrounded by satisfied homeowners that bought a product and not a sales pitch.

You’ll love that, too.

We’ve raised the standards. And we’re willing to turn away those who don’t believe in this philosophy or don’t really qualify. They help us figure out who they know we can help; MasterShield gets sold to THEM.

It may be more expensive to take this approach, but we promise you, in the long run, we wind up with a much happier and satisfied customer base.

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