Since most gutter reviews consist of a bunch of words that wrap up an unseen test, we think MasterShield gutter reviews should be something different. Rather than someone telling you the end results of their gutter reviews, wouldn’t it be better if you can see the testing done with with your own eyes?  Given that we’ve said how you test can impact gutter guard test results, it’s better to see the type of test performed and the success or failure yourself.

MasterShield Gutter Reviews – Video Test with Oil, Syrup and Honey

We’ve shared the video above to show you one of our tests which should feature in MasterShield gutter reviews.  You can see exactly how we performed the test:  we’re outdoors, on a simulated roof pitched at over a 6/12 pitch, meaning the water will flow down the roof faster.  If you take a look at the pitch, you’d say it was fairly representative of many homes you might see in your neighborhood.

There are two hoses each with two nozzles to feed water onto the roof.  You can’t see it, but there were two different water supplies to ensure that water pressure would be as high as we could make it.  Probably a bit of overkill, but a trickle of water wouldn’t have been a good simulation of a heavy rain.

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Given we makes such a big deal that you consider in a gutter guard test is how the test was conducted, it’s important to bring your attention to these test features.  We think the MasterShield gutter review you’d get from these features is relatively “real world” despite being controlled.

MasterShield Gutter Reviews - Filmed Test

At just over 12 seconds into the test, the self-cleaning filter has already cleaned itself of the oil (green arrow) and has almost finished cleaning itself of the syrup (red arrow).

Here’s something you might not know: all gutter guards will do reasonably well on a test were the roof was shallow, or  relatively flat.  The steeper the roof, the more difficult the task is for the gutter guard – can it pull volumes of rainwater into a gutter run?

Would MasterShield gutter reviews like this make sense to you as a homeowner?  We think it should.

In this particular test, Alex’s MasterShield gutter review focuses on taking common household items (his point being you could recreate the same test) and coating MasterShield with them.

Why Oil, Syrup and Honey?

Sticky elements are found in nature–in tree sap and pollen for example, so Alex simulates them.  Roof shingles naturally leach oils and sometimes even sticky tar.  Testing with real tar can impact the ground around the testing location, so we don’t recommend it, but common kitchen oils allow him to simulating the effect of tar; he can get a good indication as to how fast MasterShield can self clean of sticky, oily materials in a good rain.

Jump to the test:  Don’t want to listen to Alex describing his test?  Just slide the video to about minute 6:57 and his test will begin in a few moments.

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