June It Rains and Never Stops

All this rain!  June it rains and never stops!

If you live anywhere in the Midwest or on the East Coast, do your recent weather reports look like this:

June it rains and never stops
Just keep in mind, with all this rain, your gutters are probably overflowing. A lot of spring debris from maple seeds to oak tassels have likely filled up in your gutters. With all this water falling day in and day out, have you had any water in your basement? Keep your eyes out for water through window wells or just through your concrete foundation.

No one likes gutter cleaning. It’s such a smelly, dirty job. Aren’t you just tired of dealing with the hassles, especially when Mother Nature won’t even let you out with dry weather long enough to get them cleaned? Especially this June it rains and never stops!

Some tell-tale signs of gutter problems:

  • Your gutters overflow, particularly by the downspouts
  • It’s pouring rain, and nothing manages to come out your downspout
  • It’s the day after it rained and your downspout is slowly trickling out water

Get the gist? You’ve got gutter problems!

Guess what’s happening, too. You’ve created a breeding ground for mosquitoes. With all this rain, do you want more than normal breeding around your home? Insect larvae is crawling through your gutters right now, like it or not.

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Have we convinced you that this June is the time to finally put gutter cleaning behind you for good? We hope so. Get your time back for more important things before summer begins and you really want to be out spending your time doing something else.

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