In the Market for a Gutter Protector? You Won’t See This Again Till 2016

MasterShield Leap Year SaleFallen a little behind on your New Year’s resolutions already? The time goes by so quickly. But we get a break this year – February 2012 has an extra day in it. And we’re celebrating!No one throws a Leap Year party like MasterShield. Well, actually, no one throws a Leap Year Party much at all. Maybe we’ll start a new tradition here. If you’re in the market for a gutter protector, we’re making you an offer you won’t see again until 2016.

You probably know that the reason we get an extra day – February 29 – every year is to correct the slight difference between our calendar and the actual solar year. It takes the Earth 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes to revolve around the sun, and adding an extra day once every 4 years keeps us on track.

A Gutter Protector Will End That Huge Honey-Do Project

And we want to keep you on track with the projects you put on your list in January. Was getting a gutter protector one of those? if you buy MasterShield during the next two weeks of February there’s an automatic price drop of 12% off! That’s 12 percent to celebrate Leap Year 2012.

Crazy, you say? But normal rules don’t apply to Leap Year. That’s why traditionally it’s the day women can propose to men–no big deal today, but it was back in the 5th century, when legend has it that St. Patrick made this decree. So we’re making you this proposal. Take the plunge and install MasterShield’s patented micro-mesh gutter guard system before February 29.

And you take 12% off the whole deal. Take 12 for ’12!

Free Gutter Guard Estimate

It’s been such mild weather in many parts of the country that it feels like spring already. And if you want to move ahead with projects like getting a gutter protector installed, we’re here to help out. February is a great month for you to talk to one of your dealers before the spring rush starts.

So why wait? Get ready for Spring with MasterShield – and take 12 for ’12. Happy Leap Year!

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