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IKO Roof Shingles Approves MasterShield Installation

IKO roof shingles

Another popular and well-known roof shingle manufacturer, IKO, has reviewed MasterShield’s installation instructions and has given our installation methodology the green light with IKO Roof Shingles.

Install MasterShield With IKO Roof Shingles Without Voiding Your Shingle Warranty

While you may hear from some of our competitors that roof shingle warranties are voided with anything that “impacts” a roof shingle. Then they like to scare homeowners into thinking that “impact” can mean anything that slides under a shingle, like a gutter guard.

This approach always has us scratching our heads, because metal flashing gets installed under shingles, as do roof vents, skylights, chimney flashing – you get the idea. Shingles have to work with other products around them for the best performance. In fact, shingle manufacturers expect that they’ll be drip edge (located in almost the same spot where you put an under the shingle gutter guard at the roof’s edge!

“Impacts” tends to mean stuff that hits the roof, like branches, tree limbs or hail.

IKO’s approval brings the number of shingle manufacturers acknowledging MasterShield won’t void their shingle warranties to three. Three of the largest players in the roof shingle market with no “skin” in the gutter guard game.

Here’s an added benefit to the MasterShield Gutter Protection that might actually help your home. If you do read the shingle manufacturer’s warranties, they note that in some of their shingles they include a copper granule. These granules can cause deterioration to the trough of your gutter.

MasterShield never lets these granules get into your gutter. In fact, since the MasterShield micro mesh doesn’t let in debris as big as shingle granules, we won’t let any in where they can cause problems to the gutter interior. It’s an added benefit in choosing a micro mesh system like MasterShield if you’ve installed moss resistant shingles. Additionally, with MasterShield’s new copper technology, your gutter guard will protect your gutters from moss growth more than the copper granules in your roof ever could!
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Shingle manufacturers like IKO Roof Shingles also prefer that you don't prematurely age your shingles by letting downspouts or leaders empty the contents of an upper gutter onto a lower roof. This fits into MasterShield's installation methodology of never filtering the water twice. While some homeowners don't like the look of the downspout over a roof, the fact that it could help them preserve their roof shingle warranty may justify their installation.

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