How to Determine the Cost of Gutter Guards

At first glance, it seems like the best way to determine gutter guard cost would be by the foot. Nevertheless, once our MasterShield customers start thinking about what they are really looking for in gutter guards, they completely reject this idea.


This is because they quickly realize the idea of gutter guards that are priced by the foot comes from the way gutter guards are sold at home improvement centers. Home improvement centers can price the gutter guard cost this way because this is all they are selling. Once you walk out the front door, you assume all the responsibility for your gutter guard cost including installation and any damage that results from it. 


The home improvement center has completed their job simply by selling you discounted product by the foot like they might sell you raw lumber to build a house. What you choose to do with it (and the results you get) is entirely up to you.   


Welcome to MasterShield


At MasterShield, every project is customized to fit your home by an independent MasterShield dealer. They will come out to your home and first talk to you about the problems you are having with your gutters. This is because giving you a sales pitch about a customized gutter solution (and the gutter guard cost) over the phone, without seeing your home first, would be misleading.  


Even a home improvement center will come to measure your home before they quote you a total price on installing gutters and gutter guards. This is the face-to-face meeting when they will tell you about all of the extra hardware and other items you will need besides labor, which may cost you extra as well – once they see your home. 


This is how they can make the price for gutter guards sold by the foot look so low online – but this isn’t the real cost – especially if their installation voids your roof warranty. 


A MasterShield dealer in your area will handle the whole process of gutter guard cost differently. Here are some questions they will be asking you at your home to generate a quote for gutter guard cost:


  • How level is the ground?
  • What is the condition of the roof?
  • What materials is the roof made of and what is the pitch?
  • Is the roof walkable?
  • Are there roof valleys where water and debris can accumulate?
  • What obstacles on the roof and house will hinder installation?
  • Are the shingles correctly installed?
  • Do the upper gutters go to the ground or lower roof?
  • What type are the existing gutters (shape, material & size) and are they sufficient for the water flow? What condition are the gutters in and how old are they?


Make no mistake. Anyone who glosses over these considerations will not be installing gutter guards that will last the lifetime of your house. And any homeowner who takes the effort and expense to install gutter guards is a person who never wants to think about them again, let alone ever clean or repair them.  


A local MasterShield dealer will be able to talk to you about the true gutter guard cost, as well as the superior quality of our patented, non-stick, micromesh copper and stainless-steel gutter guards and how they will increase the livability of your home.