How Much do Gutter Guards Typically Cost?

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We’re glad you asked. Before you begin deep diving into the process of installing gutter guards, it is wise to ask how much they typically cost. However, the answer isn’t one size fits all. It is not a simple cost by foot analysis.  Much like buying a car, gutter guards can vary in price depending on what you purchase as an additional add on, etc… 

It’s also important to note that, similar to cars, you want to make a purchase that makes the most sense for your specific needs and safety. When it comes to gutter guards, everyone’s pricing will be just a bit different because they’ll need different things. Here’s the thing, though. Most people would not buy the cheapest car just because it’s the cheapest car. If the check engine light is continually coming on and you have to constantly have your car repaired, it actually could result in the car costing you more than if you’d purchased a slightly more expensive car at the beginning. It’s the same thing with gutters. And if your gutter systems are not working efficiently, the damage to your home and costs could be significant.

Do not go with the “cheapest” contractor just because they’re cheap. Doing this will very likely result in sacrificed performance, increased gutter maintenance, lower quality, and the list goes on. Instead of looking at just the dollar signs, look at the overall quality of the product and the contractor. 

Optional Add-On Options for Gutter Guards

Continuing with our car analogy, if you think about it, most cars are not that expensive. It’s the add-ons that really elevate the price. Not all add-ons are necessary for every homeowner and it’s up to you and your installer to figure which add-ons are needed for your gutters. The installer should ask questions and make many observations to determine what additional add-ons you many consider investing in and what may impact the installation of gutter guards.  These will address the following: the condition of the roof, roof materials and how shingles were installed, roof pitch (is the roof walkable?), roof valleys where water and debris can accumulate, type and condition of existing gutters (shape, material and size) and their sufficiency for water flow, do upper gutters go the ground or lower roof, material used for fascia and soffit, and materials used in house construction (wood, brick, stone).

Some of these add-ons include:

All of that to say that when you are discussing a gutter guard quote, be sure it is itemized so you are clear on the cost of gutter guards versus the cost of any add ons or investments in your home many of which may be necessary to ensure the protection of your home from water damage.

Things that Play Into the Final Cost of Gutter Guards Installation 

When it comes to getting new gutter guards, there are a few factors that play into the final price:

  1. Actual price of the gutter guards. This is not often the largest component of a gutter guard cost to a homeowner, but it is a key one. Many installers provide commodity gutter guards, a low cost, low quality option. Our MasterShield Gutter Protection, a state of the art system, is purchased directly from the manufacturer.  The dealer/installer covers an exclusive territory, so expect that he’s paying a bit more for the system.
  2. Labor for installation (this is probably going to be your biggest cost).  Factors that play into the labor cost are: contractors coming out to give you an estimate, commission, worker’s compensation, and the actual work itself. 
  3. Overhead. This includes administrative and management tasks within the contractor’s company, the quality of the equipment they’re using, insurance policies, etc….
  4. Marketing. This price is anywhere between 10-20% of the cost that you pay. This helps the company to promote for more jobs in the future. 
  5. Profit. The company can’t charge for only the logistics, they also need to make a profit in order to stay afloat and pay their staff. 

All of these factors play key roles in the pricing of your gutter guards. 

How Much do Seamless Gutters Cost?

You may have heard about the new gutter on the block: seamless gutters. A seamless gutter is basically an all-in-one gutter that gives your home an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way to disperse water from the roof – leak free. 

The cost for seamless gutter can vary, but typically they can cost anywhere between $3 and $25 per foot. The disparity in cost is dependent on the material that you choose for your gutters. Keep in mind, however, that determining the price by foot is not always going to be the most accurate price measurement. Your installer will always have a better idea of the actual price because they know your exact situation. 

What About Gutter Guards?

Gutters are an efficient and necessary part of owning a home because they help regulate water from rainfall and send it from the roof to the ground. However, other things often get caught up in gutters. Birds nests, leaves, and bugs all can find their way to cluttering your gutters and cleaning gutters is no fun. So, what’s the solution? Gutter guards. 

Gutter guards essentially work to keep leaves and debris from clogging up your gutters in order to allow the water to flow freely. Installing gutter guards will decrease the amount of cleaning your gutters require which means you’ll have more time for other fun activities. 

Do these gutter guards sound too good to be true? They’re not! And they’re relatively affordable as well. Gutter guards range in price from $1.20 to $10 per foot. Similar to the seamless gutters, the price depends on the material. Plastic or vinyl are the least expensive option, but also do not last as long as a metal guard.  The total cost including installation will depend on the size of your home as well as the various factors we have addressed in this post.  Keep in mind that gutter guards will need replacing eventually, so if cutting costs over time is important to you, it’s wise to pay a little more upfront because you’re less likely to have to replace as quickly. 

The pricing for gutter guards can feel overwhelmingly complex, but MasterShield is here to help. If you have any questions about pricing or what you need for your gutters, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll gladly help you feel like a gutter expert in no time! 

A local MasterShield dealer will be able to talk to you about the true gutter guard cost, as well as the superior quality of our patented, non-stick, micromesh copper and stainless-steel gutter guards and how they will increase the livability of your home.