How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

gutter installation cost

Why is the idea of getting a sense of what gutter guards cost such a secret? You’re a homeowner, you know you’ve got a problem with your gutters that you finally want to be resolved. Or you’re just tired of cleaning your gutters or paying to have them cleaned. Time for gutters protection, right?

In order to get a resolution, you’ve got to jump through hoops to get an estimate for this home improvement project.  Why don’t we try to take some of the mystery out of the equation?  Can’t you get a price quote right over the phone?  Probably not and there are many reasons why that is the case.  We’ll take some of the mystery out of the equation that gets used to create your quote.

In the broadest terms, the cost of gutter guards can be divided into a few categories: (1) the cost of the product that’s being installed; (2) the cost of labor; (3) the company’s marketing costs, (4) the company’s overhead costs and (5) their profit (we’ll all have to agree they’re in business to make a profit).  Makes sense, right?

What’s impacting them from giving you a quote is that, even if you can measure all your gutters yourself and you can let a company know over the phone you have 136.8 “square feet” of gutters (note: gutters are actually measured in linear feet but most people ask for quotes in square feet), the company you’ve called can’t see your house!

Can You Guess the Cost of Gutter Guards? It's like guessing the cost of a watch you can't see.

If he covers up his watch, would you be able to guess how much it cost? If someone can’t see your house they can’t let you know how much gutter guards cost.

It’s like covering the watch on your arm and asking someone to tell you how much it cost.  How can anyone give you an accurate guess at a number if they can’t see it?

This is where you, the homeowner, has to make a decision- do I want anything, just a cheap fix, or do I want a permanent solution to the reason why I want gutters protection in the first place? If you don’t put emphasis on the value your trying to get out of your purchase, you’ll focus on cost, not performance.

Gutter Installation Cost

This can be risky when it comes to gutters protection. Seriously, you’re not just buying yourself less time up a ladder to clean your gutters, you’re actually buying protection against basement flooding, rotten framing on your home — even animals getting in and destroying your attic insulation. Ever deal with any of these problems (that likely had its genesis in a clogged gutter, we may add)? Then you know you laid out serious money to deal with work on a grand scale and you don’t want to go through THAT expense again.

But we digress. The cost of the actual gutter protection has a lot of variables built into it — sometimes. In the case of MasterShield, we use only surgical grade stainless steel, we custom weave it to meet the parameters of the Higginbotham ratio (no stock filters for us).  We now also weave copper threads into our stainless steel filter because copper is a natural organism killer and we don’t want our filter clogging with moss, lichen, and algae.  Stainless steel alone won’t kill these organisms, they actually use stainless steel mesh to grow algae in fish tanks!

We send our custom filter and a giant coil of aluminum through a massive machine designed to make hundreds of bends, folds, and punches in it before you get to a single piece of MasterShield. There is also a cost involved to license the rights to use Alex Higginbotham’s patented technology. And with that comes constant innovation to stay on the cutting edge of microfiltration and patenting all of these discoveries. (If you could see all the prototypes in Alex’s workshop, you’d understand.)

We also have to cover other overhead costs: manufacturing, staff, insurance premiums, legal expenses, etc. And yes there’s some profit in it.

Compare that to a similarly priced piece of curved gutter guard, because many of them are at a similar price point to MasterShield.  Simpler machining, just a few bends in a single piece of metal. No patent protection, the design has been around since 1908. Built into this gutter guard? A lot of profit for whoever’s making it, if you ask us.Professionally Installed MasterShield Gutter Cover

Then there are the other microfilters. Many are jumping on the Higginbotham bandwagon and saying, “look at us, too!”

When Alex Higginbotham sees this stuff, he just cringes. There are reasons that a microfiltration gutter guard has elements like his patented downward/upward extensions in its design. He doesn’t design his products without them because, plain and simple, he knows they are destined to fail no matter what their manufacturer promises.

So, while you might like the price of some of these other products, the ultimate cost to you might be quite different from what you wanted out of your gutters protection.