A Hot, Dry Summer Can Lead to Gutter Problems

dry summer gutter problems

You wouldn’t necessarily think gutter problems could develop when temperatures are high and there’s little rain.  This type of weather causes gutter problems to begin long before the fall because the heat and lack of rain puts a lot of stress on your trees.

Gutter Problems

Through a process called transpiration, trees “exhale” moisture through their leaves.  Trees exhale more when temperatures are high, which can start to stress them.  This doesn’t pose problems when temperatures are within normal ranges and there’s regular summer rain.

Trees look for moisture in the soil to offset moisture lost through its leaves.  During a drought, they won’t find moisture to offset the water they’re losing.  This stress can weaken a tree.  Signs of a tree being under stress are when they begin to drop leaves or needles at time of year when they normally wouldn’t.


Gutter Problems Start from Stressed Trees Losing Leaves and Needles

Your gutters can quickly fill with the leaves or needles from stressed trees, which can lead to gutter problems.  If you should get a quick thunder burst of rain, your gutters may have enough organic material built up in them that the debris will collect over the gutter downspout, which can cause the gutter to fill with water and overflow.  Since the ground near your home is parched and baked dry, it’s not going to absorb the rain the way it  normally would.  Your landscaping may be impacted; some may easily get washed away.

Wildfire Gutter Problems

In areas of the country that are prone to wildfires (Colorado, our thoughts are with you this year), debris-filled gutters can be all the tinder an ember in the wind needs to carry the fire onto a home.  In many places where wildfires are common, homeowners that don’t keep their gutters clear often get notices posted on their doors from their local fire department.  Clean your gutters within 30 days, it will say, or risk getting fined by us.

While in some instances, this might seem intrusive and annoying, firefighters only have your best interest at heart.  They wouldn’t be driving through your neighborhood looking for these conditions if they did not.

Gutter problems like this are easily rectified with a quick gutter cleaning or by installing a gutter guard like MasterShield that won’t let any debris into the gutter since it filters out anything bigger than half the width of a human hair.  Through our patented technology, water reacts as if nothing covered the gutter, quickly dropping into the gutter trough to be carried to where it can do no harm.

It’s best to presume that free-flowing gutters aren’t something you just have to think about once in the spring or once again in the fall or even only when it rains.  Given the damage water can quickly do (like flooding your basement), gutters remain a main outdoor feature of your home that you need to be constantly aware of, depending on the weather of the season.

Clear, clean gutters help assure that your home is safe from whatever Mother Nature chooses to send your way.

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