Home Staging From the Outside In: The 10 Best Tips for Sellers

If you’re trying to sell your home in today’s down economy, you’ve probably read a lot of articles about “home staging”, the art of presenting your house so that buyers could picture themselves living in it and fall in love. Home staging from the outsideHere’s something weird we’ve noticed–most of the articles talk about the interior of the house, painting your living in neutral colors, etc. By the time buyers walk into your living room though, chances are they’ve already made up their minds based on the exterior of your house. Is it a well-maintained, friendly-looking house with a pleasant atmosphere, or a fixer-upper that will keep them running down to Home Depot for the next decade? Here are 10 tips for home staging your house from the outside in:

  1. Paint, repair or replace any fencing around the house. That goes for the mailbox too.
  2. As your buyers pick their path to your door, make sure the drive is well edged and free of weeds.
  3. Given the amount of space it takes up, if your driveway is starting to show its age, spruce it up with driveway sealer.
  4. Are there signs of moss, algae or mildew on driveways, walkways, vinyl fencing, your porch, deck or your siding? Get a product that will kill it environmentally like Wet and Forget.
  5. When was the last time you pruned trees and trimmed shrubs? Buyers will notice the look of your landscaping if it has started to become overgrown or “leggy”. You may want to seek the advice of a landscaper to ensure that you don’t cut things back too far.
  6. Flower beds should be weed-free too–recruit family to help and they’ll be beautiful in no time! If possible, flowers in bloom should greet your visitors–if you need to plant something in a hurry, impatiens are pretty, easily available, low-maintenance and bloom from April till October.
  7. Decks and walls that were freshly painted even a few years ago have gotten dirty–pollution and roadside dust have seen to that. Get them power washed or restained and painted.
  8. Just as a handsome head of hair can be a person’s best feature, a pretty roof can set the keynote of the house. Roof valleys shouldn’t be filled with leaves and sticks; gutters should be clog-free and cleaned of debris and compost. Broken shingles should be repaired so your roof looks clean and tidy.
  9. Drainage issues can be a nightmare for the new home owner (or for you as you try to sell your home), creating a plethora of potential water damage problems. Micro mesh gutter guards such as MasterShield (with a transferable warranty to the new homeowner if you installed this system) are a thoughtful touch that will really impress buyers–they will know you’ve gone the extra mile in home maintenance.
  10. As the buyer steps through your door, they’ve already made up their minds that this house is one that will fit in with their busy, two-job, kids-to-ferry, no-time-for-home-repairs lifestyle. If the door is freshly painted in a pretty color and fits perfectly, that should confirm this conviction!
Does this sounds like too much to do, even with family and friends pitching in? If you really want to sell your house but you feel that it’s not putting its best face forward, consider hiring a contractor who can give it a face lift. Some of our tips came from Haddad Performance Contracting, which goes to show more contractors are starting to think about your need for these services.

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