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Home Depot Gutters

Gutters at Home Depot

Are Your Rain Gutters About to Give Out?

If you are thinking about replacing your rain gutters, you are not alone. All it takes is one good downpour and you realize that your gutters are not only clogged and full of debris but they are also bent and pulling away from the roof. Now you have sheets of water cascading off the roof of your house every time it rains.

What are you going to do now?

You’ll do what a lot of people do and go online to look at Home Depot gutters. On Home Depot’s website, you will find a fair variety of rain gutters, along with all of the other parts like gutter guards, rain gutter covers, and Home Depot gutter screens. All the basics anyone would need to purchase and install rain gutters themselves.

Nothing surprising here.

However, when the rain clears and you get up on a ladder to examine your rain gutters, the Home Depot gutters don’t seem so appealing.

This is because although the gutters you have now may be old (they came with the house), they seem to be well-made and sturdy. Which is what you are looking for. Going back to the Home Depot website, their aluminum gutters look cheaply made. This is because Home Depot now uses a thinner gauge aluminum than what you have on your house right now. And worse, Home Depot also has a selection of cheap-looking vinyl rain gutters.

So now you are thinking, “Even though they are warped and pulling away from my house, why would I take down the solid gutters I have now and replace them with cheap rain gutters that I know won’t last?”

This makes no sense. So at this point, you may be thinking about going down to Home Depot in person and talking to someone about installation and pricing. But there’s no need to bother because Home Depot doesn’t install gutters anymore. In fact, as far as they are concerned, this is an easy DIY project that doesn’t take long.

Are you up for the challenge?

If so, here is a verified customer review from one such do-it-yourselfer about their experience with Home Depot aluminum gutters:

“Most importantly, these aluminum gutters absolutely DO NOT support the weight of a ladder and person, as the old gutters did. They immediately collapse. I had to replace four sections during the repair and painting of my house. If one needs roof access or gutter cleaning beware.”

Is this really the experience you are looking for if you want to replace your gutters? Probably not.

As the above review confirms, not only is it wise to call a professional to install your gutters, it is probably better to go with high-quality rain gutters – gutters that will last a lifetime, don’t need any maintenance, and most importantly – don’t need to be cleaned out every spring. In other words, rain gutters that you will never have to think about again.

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