Higginbotham Inventions: LeafFilter, then MasterShield

Who invented micro mesh gutter guards? A lot of people and brands are raising their hands.  But we say enough and let the facts speak for themselves.  These are Higginbotham inventions.

The patents issued by the US Patent Office and the dates that they were issued set the record straight.  Remember, only one patent can get issued for a technological invention. People can make minor tweaks and even get patents for them, but those tweaks still need to rely on someone else’s innovation.  It also means they shouldn’t be using the original patented innovation if the patent protection is still in place without seeking a license from the inventor.

Higginbotham inventions have changed an entire industry, similar to what Thomas Dyson did with the vacuum cleaner and Steve Jobs did to the mobile phone and tablet computer markets.  Like the idea of working with an innovator?  It’s their successes that should make you feel confident in the product that you purchase.

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Higginbotham Inventions

Alex Higginbotham Explaining Technology to MasterShield Dealers, Higginbotham inventions

Higginbotham inventions – sometimes Alex needs to be the one to explain his technology first hand.

In 2001, a struggling roofing and siding contractor invented the world’s first micro-mesh gutter guard. His name was Alex Higginbotham.

Alex also taught himself to write patents. In 2003 he was awarded a patent on his invention. This patent was US 6,598,352 and he named his invention LeafFilter®.  It was the best gutter guard anyone had ever seen. Nobody could believe a gutter cover could work so well.

Alex wanted to take the technology he created in a new, different direction. He was already working on another groundbreaking patent: US 7,191,564.



The newest direction in gutter guard technology.



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