Haunted House? A Gutter Guard Can Keep Away the Horrors

It’s a great time of the year for kids and us chocoholics. (There’s something very appealing about a holiday celebrated by eating candy and watching Bela Lugosi movies). But as the air turns crisp, sometimes scary things happen in real life. A good example is the unexpected snow storm that just pounded the North East. If we are reading this, you hopefully have your power on and haven’t lost any trees. We didn’t think we would be saying this in October, but it’s a good time to check around the house for any signs of damage from the storm. Gutters can be a vulnerable point so check that they are undamaged and not clogged with debris. If you still have snow on your roof, gutters are a vulnerable point where ice dams may form, so think about using a snow rake to remove snow–gently, so as not to damage your shingles.

The early snow may have the animal kingdom looking for shelter sooner than normal. A customer this morning told us she had a very aggressive raccoon appearing in her kitchen–turns out Rocky was getting in through the cat door! Well, the best advice we could give her was to keep a broom and a water pistol handy to chase the intruder out. But it got us to thinking about other creatures that a micro mesh gutter guard like MasterShield can keep at bay.

WARNING: This post has a high EEEEEEEW factor!Gutter guard save money

  1. 1. Slugs and Centipedes: Let’s be honest, these are not attractive creatures. If you see one in the garden, you can deal with that. If you enter your lounge or kitchen in the morning and find a whole batch of these unappealing insects making themselves at home, well, that’s a little gross. But with the record-breaking rain in some parts of the country this summer, we have heard about this happening. Damp, moist conditions attract damp-loving insects, who can squeeze through tiny cracks in brick. You want to make sure that your downspouts are draining water away from your house. If you don’t have a micro mesh gutter guard such as Mastershield installed, you are in danger of getting gutter clogs–check for debris and water build-up which may be attracting insects you don’t want around.

2. Mosquitoes: Thankfully, mosquito season is winding down–it’s been a a particularly virulent one, thanks in part to the White Nose disease that has been affecting the mosquito’s natural predator, bats. Not only can mosquito bites drive you crazy, but they also carry and can infect their human hosts with the West Nile virus. When spring comes, we will be reminding you again to check around your house for sources of standing water such as wading pools and stagnant puddles that are breeding grounds for these pests. And to install MasterShield so that water won’t build up inside your gutters and become the perfect mosquito habitat.

3. The birds and the bees: are cute when they’re in the yard, but you do not want them nesting in your gutters. Yes, we have seen this happen. As their habitat is increasingly encroached on by the spreading human population, animals are becoming very ingenious at finding cosy spots around your house to colonize. MasterShield dealers offer the first bird and bee’s nest guarantee in the industry. Since a gutter protected by MasterShield is completely enclosed, there is no way for birds or bees to get into the gutter or underneath the system to nest. Other gutter covers can be dry, safe and attractive places for birds and bees to nest. However, since MasterShield’s patented Hydrovortex technology lets water through, it doesn’t create an attractive nesting environment.

4. Termites: Remember when we said damp attracted insects? Well, it also creates mold and mold is not something you want moving into your house. Your health is at risk and your house could attract mold-eating insects like termites. And we all know how that movie ends!

5. Squirrels and raccoons: Never underestimate these tenacious and intelligent animals who would just love to move into your attic! Don’t put out a buffet–if there are fruit trees around your house, trim back the branches so they are at least five feet away from the house. MasterShield’s micro mesh protection will keep seeds, acorns and fruit debris out of your gutters where it might attract these enterprising bandits. Once they are on your house they are quite capable of chewing holes in your fascia boards or the plywood on your roof’s eaves. And once they are in your attic, it’s Animal House party time. Something to be avoided if possible.

So, as you open your doors to trick-or-treaters tonight, we hope the only scary creatures you see are zombies, ghouls, vampires, werewolves and reality show stars. Happy Halloween!

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