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gutters and covers

The Gutter Clog Moment No One Ever Talks About

When someone calls MasterShield to get a free estimate for gutters and covers, they often immediately want to share the reason why they called us in the first place. In most cases, it’s trouble of some kind. Big trouble. The type they never, in a million years, expected they would be dealing with. There are just too many gutter clog moments that no one ever really talks about, or even knows about, until something major happens and the problem that has to be dealt with is big and expensive.

Gutters seem so simple, so innocuous, just so easy to forget about. Yet more water rushes through your gutters and downspout than likely runs through your indoor plumbing. That’s a lot of clothes washing, dish cleaning and showers (if you have teenagers, we may have to make an exception; showers go on for some head-scratching time frames for some of them). Culturally, we’ve become accustomed to using a lot of water.

Gutters and Covers

Still a trickle even after the rain.

Imagine discovering a leaky pipe in your home. You’d be on the phone with a plumber so fast–the idea of water getting out of its controlled environment of pipes and drains is so alarming that it just wouldn’t be allowed to continue for any longer than it took to discover the problem. Plumbers realize this and it’s why there’s always one that’ll come out 24/7. It’s the type of problem that we realize that we can’t leave unchecked.

Now put an image in your head of another water path that has to handle lots more water than your indoor plumbing. One that’s not closed, but open to anything and everything, which means all of that stuff is going to collect in it. And (be honest) most of us let it stay that way, come fair or foul weather. Stuff builds up in it, a gutter clog occurs and … nothing. We do nothing. In fact, we don’t even check gutters on a regular basis by walking around our house in the rain. We do nothing. Then the rain stops and the gutter slowly drains, from trickle to drip, drip, drop.

What? The same person so quick to fix one problem ignores the other! Plainly speaking, yes. If you could install a hidden camera on this event, you might wind up with chills worthy of a good horror story (it’s October, so scary is good). Water will follow the path of least resistance. It can flow into your attic and pool on your insulation, slowly seeping down into materials never meant to be wet. It can pour behind the gutter itself, where the paint can peel, exposing the wood to moisture. Wood is like a wino, it’ll drink up anything. And just like that wino, it won’t realize that it’s destroying itself from the inside out. From there, water can get into walls; mold can form near bedrooms, near where you sleep and breathe for a major portion the day.

We could go on, but you get the idea. Who would think that a part of your home tasked with one of its most important functions would be held in the same regard as Rodney Dangerfield?

So, what does this mean for you? First, don’t fool yourself into believing you couldn’t have this problem. You’d be wrong, because we’ve got the list of happy customers with gutters and covers that used to think like you before their big bad expensive (ka-ching!) experience. Secondly, stay proactive. Go out in the rain and actively check your gutters on a regular basis. Want an easy tip? Check all your downspouts after a rain for dripping that seems endless. Lastly, keep the danger away once and for all with a gutter guard that completely encloses the gutter like MasterShield. There is just not enough time in life to be dealing with a problem that has such a good solution or shelling out monies to fix water damage that you had earmarked for something else.

Have you too had a frightening gutter clog moment? Let us know about it!