MasterShield: The Best Gutter Shield to Prevent Gutter Clogs

You’ve got a simple need for your gutters – a gutter shield that will keep you or your spouse off a ladder so you won’t have to clean them again. You’re well aware they can’t be ignored.  Any homeowner that’s had a flooded basement or similar problem from an overflowing gutter knows that procrastination only brings expensive water problems.

We’re here to help you. MasterShield is the critically acclaimed, top performing gutter shield from LeafFilter® inventor Alex Higginbotham. It’s the next generation of patented gutter shield technology!

  • Keeps your gutter from ever clogging again – guaranteed
  • Immediately ends the chance of water damage from a clogged gutter—saving you from expensive repairs
  • Finally puts an end to your worst seasonal maintenance chore
  • The #1 choice of Tim Carter, master builder and nationally syndicated news columnist (Ask the Builder) in a real-world, manufacturer-installed, multi-year gutter shield test
Green Gutter Shield

Part of the “secret sauce” is the stainless steel filter that was first put in a gutter guard by our inventor, Alex Higginbotham. Is it worth installing something that looks like MasterShield but doesn’t perform like our gutter shield? We don’t think so.

We understand all you really want is a gutter shield that will be reliable and maintenance free. No one looks forward to or wants a lifetime of gutter cleaning just because you own a home.  Well, now you can end this hassle for good.

Our “special sauce” is taking the technology of LeafFilter inventor Alex Higginbotham in a new and different direction. With constructive feedback from the field, he made changes homeowners and installers wanted and asked for. While it’s still possible to install earlier versions of his products, why wouldn’t you protect your home with the improvements and advancements that are in MasterShield?

We’ve redefined the gutter shield so it will angle with your roof—that means less maintenance for you since the system won’t sit flat and trap debris. Our installation won’t void your shingle warranty, either.  Why not?  First, we made the system thin, yet extremely strong and flexible. Thin so it would meet the criteria of the shingle manufacturers, four of which (to date, GAF, Certainteed, IKO and Owens-Corning) have approved our under the shingle installation. Then, we carefully formed the metal with bends to create our unique profile, because bends add strength.  So much strength, you can hammer the gutter shield with a 20 pound weight and watch it spring back to its original shape. Try that with other products and watch them collapse into the gutter!

All well and good, but that’s not why your here.  You want to keep your spouse off your ladder. You want top-notch performance and protection. Then simple don’t settle for anything less than the best, especially when the best is priced like all the rest.  MasterShield, the only dealer installed gutter shield that inventor Alex Higginbotham still stands behind and continues to affiliate himself with.

Want to learn more? Find out how it works or check out our blog or FAQs to get familiar with the technology that’s got the likes of Tim Carter and Consumer Reports and giving their highest praise.

MasterShield manufactures gutter guards and gutter heaters for your exterior home improvement needs.
Our innovative microfiltration technology saves homeowners time, effort and money from cleaning out, repairing and replacing unprotected gutters.
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