Do You Need a Gutter Screen?

gutter screens

Will Gutter Screens Prevent Clogging?


If cleaning gutters is becoming tiresome, or you can no longer do it, gutter screens may be a good solution. Of course, you can always hire a local contractor to get up on a ladder and do it, but the yearly cost can add up because the service will be needed indefinitely.


So let’s look at what gutter screens are, what they are capable of doing, and how much gutter screens cost.


What Are Rain Gutter Screens?


Gutter screens are simply screens that you fasten to the top of your gutters. They act as covers that filter out debris while letting the water run through and away from the roof. They are inexpensive and you can usually install them yourself.


A gutter downspout screen works in the same way and stops debris like leaves from entering the downspout and clogging it. Used together, gutter screens and gutter downspout screens are supposed to make cleaning gutters a thing of the past.


Buying a gutter screen or a gutter downspout screen with larger openings can let in seeds and dirt from the roof. This will still leave you with a clogged gutter. Leaves can get caught in the openings and act as nourishment for trapped seeds. Those seeds can grow into saplings in the spring. You still need to clean the screen every year that you installed yourself. This could even cause more trouble than having nothing at all.

So What Are the Best Rain Gutter Screens to Buy?


The best screens to buy are made of micromesh because the only thing they let through is the water.

While this may sound like another intensive cleaning job, it isn’t. Debris that sits on top of the screen after the rainwater dries up usually blows away on its own. This means the debris won’t be clogging up your gutters anymore.


You can even tilt some gutter micromesh screens to match the pitch of the roof – so no debris gets left behind. These micromesh screens are usually installed by professionals. They are also more expensive than what you would buy at a home improvement store.


There are other options though when it comes to protecting your gutters, like gutter guard screens.


What Is It?


Gutter guards are like gutter screens, except they use different methods to catch debris. Some of the different kinds of gutter guards include reverse curve, bottle brush, and foam. These types of gutter guards have their pros and cons. They can present a new set of gutter problems if you buy them from the home improvement store and install them yourself.


So What’s the Answer?


Gutter screens from the home improvement center are purchased by the foot and don’t cost that much, but many of them don’t work. The real solution comes from MasterShield’s professional installers, who can install gutter guards that you will never have to worry about again, while at the same time improving the resale value of your home.