How Your Gutter Installer Chooses the Gutter Guard He Sells

Most people look to install gutter guards because they know they have a problem they have to deal with.  They’ve had water issues, like water in their basements or water damage, like rotton wood trim.  They acknowledge their not handy or they just don’t have the time to take on the big messy chores– the small ones take up enough time as it is.  They’re tired of seasonal gutter cleaning, they’ve done it for years and just want it behind them. And we should never leave out the safety issue.  How many people really feel comfortable up on a wobbly ladder?

Every reason’s a good reason.  More importantly, it’s your reason.  You need to solve the problem you’re dealing with, not anyone elses’ problem.

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a typical dealer installed gutter guard

This is a product that any gutter installer can purchase. Was it worth the investment?

Homeowners typically start shopping around, not really thinking about how much of an investment they want to make in a gutter guard.  In your mind, solving the problem comes first, right?  That being said, you can quickly get sticker shock if you put a price in your head for a premium, dealer installed product that’s equivalent to a Lowes or Home Depot product.

If you purchase a gutter guard from a local gutter company or a owner-installer with a truck and a gutter machine, odds are he’s installing the most basic product sold at his local supply house.  It’s made as inexpensively as possible so the supply house can mark it up to your gutter installer.  Anyone and everyone can buy it, there’s nothing unique about it at all.  It doesn’t come with a warranty on being defect free or (imagine!) on its performance.

What motivates your gutter installer to buy this and suggest it for your home?  Here’s the secret:  what he cares about is buying a gutter guard that costs him the least but allows him to mark up the most.  Profitability rules over performance. 

Does this benefit you?  Other than the fact that it’s convenient, absolutely not.  You’ll just wind up spending more money than you should on yet another product that gives gutter guards a bad name.  Another product that you’ll wind up replacing when it doesn’t work since you can’t reach the guy that installed it for you.  Sound like a familiar story?

As a premium, dealer installed product, we offer the top performing, top rated gutter guard with more unique features than any other system, anywhere.  Simply put, MasterShield will stop your gutters from clogging forever.  Will it cost you more than other systems? Absolutely, and now you know why.

If you’re willing to pay a premium to get a gutter guard that does what you expect it to do and one we’re willing to back in writing with a money back warranty that meets FTC standards, you’ve come to the right place.

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