Gutter Heaters: The 4 Major Benefits of Adding Heat to Your Gutters

Gutter heaters are worth considering if you live where snow and ice can clog your gutters. Sadly, few people think they’ll ever need gutter heaters until it’s too late – then they have to deal with monster problems.

Gutter Heaters

Gutter heaters could have stopped the icicles from forming as well as all of the ice that has managed to drip down by the windows.

Some neighbors of ours had turned their home into something out of a decorating magazine. Their living room had a baby grand piano. They had silk curtains draped with fringe on all of their windows. Their walls had a stunning faux finish on the paint, hand-done by a local artist. There was a plush oriental rug, antique furniture and an oil painting purchased during a favorite vacation. They were very house-proud, and they believed that they had stayed on top of home maintenance.

And yet, on a cold night in January, this room looked more like something out of their worst nightmare. You see, there were still a few leaves in their gutters and, after a normal snowstorm, water backed up and froze the gutter solid. As snow on the roof melted, the water couldn’t flow through the downspouts. So it took the path of least resistance – into their house – and caused a flood in their living room.

Water cascaded down their walls. Their silk drapes and oriental rug soaked up all the melted snow. Their prized oil painting got wet and warped. Their hardwood floors buckled and were ruined.

All because of a few leaves and frozen gutters. Two problems they actually could have prevented from ever happening in the first place.

No one likes to hear stories like this, nor do we want to wake up one morning and realize that we’re the ones stuck in a waking nightmare. Moral of the story? Preventive maintenance can save you from major headaches – monetarily, emotionally and physically.

Benefits of Installing Gutter Heaters

  1. Safety. When gutters fill with ice, there’s a greater chance that icicles can form along their front lip. Icicles will then drip water onto your front walk, your stoop, your deck or your driveway in front of your garage – everywhere you need to walk – turning all of these surfaces into potential skating rinks. No one wants to risk a fall, and gutter heaters will stop the problem from starting in the first place.
  2. Protects your investment. Remember the neighbors? Water damage from frozen gutters can lead to costly home repairs (sheet rock, insulation, floors, siding, etc.) and damage to precious household items. Gutter heaters allow melting snow from your roof to continue to flow away from where it can do the most damage.
  3. Saves you money. Installing gutter heaters is probably a lot less than your insurance deductible and, if used properly, can save you from unexpected problems during the cold of winter.
  4. Convenience and peace of mind. Gutter heaters mean you can flick a switch and forget about the snow fall. Sleep soundly or go to the office, and you’ll experience no moments of doubt that your home isn’t properly protected.

Gutter Guards – The Other Protection

Combine gutter heaters with a gutter guard, and you’ve got the best protection from gutter clogs and ice build-up. Instead of just avoiding winter water problems, you’ll get the benefit of year-round protection from damage to your home. No one likes cleaning gutters, so this is one way you can wind up staying on the ground and using the time you formerly spent cleaning on yourself.

MasterShield’s Ice Shield heated gutter guards are the perfect way to get top-rated gutter guard technology combined with the benefit of no ice build-up in your gutters.

So, before ice problems ever get the chance to become a problem anywhere around your house, consider all of the head- and heart-aches you can avoid simply by installing gutter heaters.

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