Know what the Pros Know: Everything You Need to Know About Gutters

When it rains, where does all the water from your roof go?  To your gutters, of course.

Gutter Inspection

With this FREE gutter guide, you’ll know exactly what the experts know.  You’ll be able to better understand this often overlooked part of your home and troubleshoot any gutter problems that may develop:

  • Structural Issues:  the proper ways to install a gutter.  Don’t let your installer save 1/2 inch of aluminum and leave you with drips forever.
  • Water Damage:  Water will follow the path of least resistance.  How to avoid common problems.
  • Leaks:  Common and uncommon issues you may find at your home.
  • New gutters:  What every homeowner should know before the installation.
  • Project Steps:  What to expect when the crew turns up at your home to do the job.

With the thousands of dollars of potential damage that can result to your home from unmanaged water, this short checklist to understanding gutters can save you headaches, future problems and real money.

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