Gutter Guards in West Chester, PA

The quiet borough of West Chester, PA has a population of around 19,000, and for the majority of people, getting on a ladder to clean their gutters can be a tedious and dangerous task.

A 2011 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that falls remain a leading cause of unintentional deaths nationwide, with 43 percent of fatal falls in the last 10 years having involved a ladder. These statistics, however, only account for injuries reported while on the job – not including falls and injuries from non-professionals. So while it’s dangerous for a worker whose job it is to be up on a ladder, it can be even more risky for novice homeowners trying to do maintenance on their own roofs.

MasterShield gutter guards eliminate the need for gutter cleaning in West Chester, Pennsylvania, so you can rest easy as the self-cleaning micro mesh gutter screen does the work for you. Complete our online form for a free quote on MasterShield’s best gutter protection system!

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MasterShield manufactures gutter guards and gutter heaters for your exterior home improvement needs.
Our innovative microfiltration technology saves homeowners time, effort and money from cleaning out, repairing and replacing unprotected gutters.
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