MasterShield installed on this Apartment Complex

Gutter Guards for Property Managers:  No One Likes to Deal with Clogged Gutters on Your Scale

Property Managers, commercial property owners and REITs have it tough.  They deal with thousands of feet of gutters on dozens of buildings in multiple complexes in location after location.  They deal with tenant complaints or their potential lawsuits.  They deal with general problems that arise from building management.  Water in the basement flooding tenant property?  Mold in an apartment from a roof leak?  You’ve seen it and been at risk for it all. So, are their gutter guards for property managers that are right for the scale on which you work?

Gutter Guards Can Help

One of the best things you can do is prevent your gutters from adding to your maintenance costs.  They no longer have to be a source of water problems and damage if protected correctly.

You likely spend tens of thousands of dollars per year just on seasonal gutter cleanings.  The liabilities alone of sending your crew to climb ladders on multi-story dwellings can be off-putting.  And putting contracts out to bid each year to get the job done just takes up too much time.

Your Concerns Can Be Addressed

pine trees around apartment building You can end it, so long as you choose the right product.  Your concerns are no different from a homeowners:  if we make the investment, will the gutters still clog with debris?  Will the system handle pine needles?  What options do I have?  What are the leaf guard costs involved?

MasterShield has been installed for some of the nation’s largest property managers and owners.  Condo complexes, hotel managers and REITs have turned to this micro-mesh technology with great success.

To date, no project has been less than 4,000 feet.

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