It’s your work and reputation on the line. Gutter guards can easily fit into most renovation and home building budgets. They can save you and the homeowner from the costly damage that a clogged gutter can cause.

Gutter Guards for Contractors

If you’re a contractor, you have it tough these days. The customers who are buying in this economic climate can be very demanding.

Suppose you’ve just finished building a beautiful house or addition and your client has moved in. Four weeks later, you’re getting called back because there’s now water in the basement. Your clients are upset when you come by to take a look at the situation and what do you find? Clogged gutters were to blame.

Are you going to tell the homeowners that their lack of maintaining rain gutters caused the problem? Likely not, or you’ll find a way to do it that doesn’t impact your reputation. Because that’s what a large part of this job is about. Your reputation. It’s positive word of mouth that you rely on for winning your next job.

So you get the rain gutters clean and find a way to bring up the fact that gutter maintenance is their job.  Wouldn’t it have been better to have suggested they install gutter guards during the design/build phase?

More consumers have some working knowledge of gutter guards and being the person that suggests they add this relatively low cost item into their budget could make you the hero.  And protect the months of labor you put into the project in the first place.

Gutter Guards Can Help

One of the best things you can suggest to your client is they consider installing gutter guards on the home or addition. Your goal is not to let it become something they feel should have been discussed from the start; gutter guards are often a cost that can easily fit into a budget. That being said, it’s also the last thing they’ll want to pay for after the project is finished and the big spending is done. But are there gutter guards for contractors you can feel comfortable recommending?

MasterShield offers state-of-the-art micro-mesh gutter guard protection. It is multi-patented and is the latest technology from the inventor of the fastest growing segment of the gutter guard industry. Other products are the “Model Ts” of the industry; they haven’t been updated since they were first designed – over 100 years ago! And only MasterShield benefits from having multi-patented inventor Alex Higginbotham on our design team.  Dig into his patents and you’ll discover they’re quite different from the patents offered by some of our competitors.

How does it work? You can learn more about it through the link.

MasterShield’s benefits include a built in drip edge to keep water from streaking down the gutter fronts.  In cold climates, you can heat the gutter guard with the patent-pending Ice Shield heated gutter guard. What homeowner wouldn’t appreciate you thinking about keeping icicles from forming and causing entrance ways to become dangerous?

And you’ll end getting the dreaded call over water damage or flooded basements for good.

Addressing Product Performance and Environmental Concerns

As a contractor, you may have both performance and environmental concerns which make choosing the right gutter guard an issue. First, you’ll want to choose a system with strong utility patents on the technology. Secondly, you’ll want a system that was designed to your level of performance. We’re suspecting you’ve never wanted to install gutter guards in the past because you don’t believe in them. And for years, you had good reasons to feel this way.

MasterShield is installed directly onto the front lip of the gutter and blends into the roofline; the gutter guard effectively becomes an extension of the roof. Since it is installed under the first course of shingles, its low profile doesn’t create shadow lines at the fascia. Your vision of the project will not be compromised, no matter what style of home.

MasterShield comes in 14 colors (and also in copper), so it’s easy to complement the roof or roof shingles.  Our installation methodology has been approved by GAF not to void their roof warranty.

Building a LEED-certified home? You can earn LEED points by installing MasterShield. It’s an environmentally friendly product that can be used for rainwater reclamation. The filtration provided by the micro mesh exceeds municipal drinking water standards (although the water is not potable as collected). And, by routing the flow of rainwater away from the rainwater downspout into rain barrels, cisterns or landscaping, homeowners whose houses are fitted with MasterShield can reuse a precious natural resource, reduce their water bills and at the same time make a positive contribution to the increasingly urgent problem of stormwater runoff. It’s a growing concern that you’ll be able to address with your choice of gutter guard.

Our micro mesh system will help your clients’s gutters stay clean and clear – and do something good for the planet too. It’s a win-win.

In addition to homes across the country, MasterShield has been installed for some of the nation’s largest property managers and owners. Condo complexes, hotel managers and REITs have turned to this micro mesh technology with great success.

Gutter Guards for Government Projects

MasterShield’s 7 US utility patents for self-cleaning micro filtration in a gutter guard make us the clear choice for government facilities looking to reduce seasonal maintenance costs by installing a gutter guard on their properties.

MasterShield’s manufacturer is a woman-owned business currently seeking certification from the Woman’s Business National Enterprise Council (WBNEC). This is of benefit to corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations that have a supplier diversity program and proactively seek women business enterprise (WBE) suppliers.

MasterShield has been made in the USA since its inception in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

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Most of our independently owned dealers offer contractor pricing. They also remain responsible for the system once its installed so you don’t have to worry about the gutters again.

In markets or zip codes where we don’t have dealers, contractors are welcome to buy directly from us. You can also inquire about purchasing MasterShield under a WBE supplier arrangement. Contact MGP, the manufacturer of MasterShield at 201-652-6642 to learn more.