Gutter Guards and the Zika Virus

Zika Virus

Issues with the Zika virus are all over the news as of late. With multiple ways to transmit the disease and its impact on pregnant women, it’s an issue that has to be taken very seriously. There are a lot of parents at MasterShield and we’re very concerned over the side effects of what we’ve heard the press cover. It leads us to think of the importance of gutter guards in combating the Zika virus.

You see, mosquitoes breed in standing water. While it’s easy to walk around your property and empty standing water from places you can see, gutters are a place that you typically don’t think of or are something you can’t see. In fact, it was a report from the local Florida representatives of the Centers for Disease Control that were featured on the news that got us to write this post.

Gutter Guards and the Zika Virus – CDC Needs Your Help

gutter guards and the zika virus

A gutter guard and the Zika Virus are preventable in gutters if the mosquito can’t breed.

We’ve included a link to the CDC’s information on controlling mosquitoes here. While we’ve been talking about the need to keep your gutters clear of standing water for other reasons (West Nile fever, heart worms in your pets), this report shared some information that we thought we should pass on:

  1. Female mosquitoes lay several hundred eggs on the walls of waterfilled containers. Eggs stick to containers like glue and remain attached until they are scrubbed off. When water covers the eggs, they hatch and become adults in about a week. Better to keep water out of containers than have to think about scrubbing eggs that are practically invisible to the naked eye.
  2. To keep water out of septic tanks, rain barrels and other places where you can’t get rid of water, the CDC says you need to cover these surfaces with a wire mesh smaller than an adult mosquito.
  3. This is where a gutter guard like MasterShield with a fine mesh filter can help with keeping mosquitoes at bay. Gutter guards and the Zika virus can be minimized if the mosquito can’t find a wet place to breed.

When you open gutters covered with MasterShield, you’ll find nothing inside. If there is nothing in the gutter, it can’t create a breeding ground. MasterShield completely encloses the gutter with a surgical stainless steel mesh much smaller than a mosquito that makes water react as if there was no cover on the gutter but debris react as if it had hit a solid wall. Installers pitch the system with the roof so it can shed debris better than any other system that sits flat or close to flat across the surface of the gutter. No one needs a shelf of debris forming on their gutters, it can wind up moving the problem somewhere else.

MasterShield won’t magically remove debris from your roof it it naturally sits there, so you may still have some basic maintenance to eliminate debris where mosquitoes could breed. But we can completely remove the chance that your gutters become that breeding ground for good.