Gutter Guard Tests – Look at the How, Not Just the Results

In this series of posts, we’ll discuss gutter guard tests.

As a homeowner looking to invest in a gutter guard, how much value do you put into a gutter guard test online? Nowadays, people turn to the internet to do their homework on gutter guards because no one wants to make a bad decision on an investment designed to protect their home. They find reviews, read the results and make a decision.

Too often, people get ahead of themselves; they just want the end results of the review. “Just tell me what’s best”, they think, and rarely make an effort to understand how the end results were obtained. You can often be led astray and misinformed if you take all gutter guard test results on face value.

How Gutter Guard Tests Are Conducted Impacts the End Results

We think the gutter guard test and how it’s conducted are equally important to the results.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Tests

Alex Higginbotham performing a debris test on a gutter guard. This testing unit allows him to test different roof types, roof pitch and water flow.

Alex Higginbotham, the inventor of MasterShield is always performing gutter guard tests. He has to – he invented and patented micro mesh technology for gutter guards. He performs in-sink tests, “real world” outdoor tests (leaving products on a homes for long periods of time) and simulated home tests. He does gutter guard tests for strength, snow, roof type and debris type. All of this is part of his copyrighted Higginbotham Testing Methodology.

Every home is unique. Rainfall, tree coverage, tree type – you name it and it results in different conditions. A product won’t perform the same way in the Northeast, the South or the Pacific Northwest.

While it would be difficult to do a gutter guard test in every climate, Higginbotham’s test go beyond basic water and debris tests. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share some gutter guard tests we like and we don’t to help homeowners make a more informed decision when choosing a gutter guard.

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