Top Gutter Guard Cost Factors: Dealer Installed Gutter Guard

cost factors

When you call a company to give you an estimate there are many gutter guard cost factors that go into the price of their estimate. We’ve already discussed gutter guard costs related to the product itself. Here’s a rundown of the critical costs:

Critical Gutter Guard Cost Factors

1. The price of the product. This is not often the largest component of a gutter guard cost to a homeowner, but it is a key one. Obviously, if the company giving you an estimate purchases the same, low-cost screen from their local supply shop that the next guy can buy, then you’re getting one type of product. It’s a commodity, because anyone can buy it, and they typically price it accordingly. But if he purchases a state of the art system, like our MasterShield Gutter Protection directly from the manufacture and the company covers an exclusive territory, expect that he’s paying a bit more for the system.

Gutter Guard Costs2. Labor. This is likely the biggest gutter guard cost. Between having someone come out to give you an estimate and the commission that has to be paid to this person, to the labor it takes to install a typical system, manpower doesn’t come cheap. Consider the fact that the company you’ve called has to pay worker’s compensation to all of it’s staff. Given that people are going to be climbing ladders all around your property, you don’t want to take the risk that the company that you’re using doesn’t have this policy. And while anyone can lift and stick any old gutter guard into the gutter trough, you really want to look for a company that looks for metal craftsmen on its team. Everything about the quality of the job you’ll get boils down to installers that are proud of their work and take the time to do things right. Once you find someone good that has this work ethic, you pay them well to keep them a part of your team. How often does the company you’re having out churn through installation staff?

3. Overhead. Who answers the phones? Is there a sales manager or a project manager on the team? How new is their equipment? How much insurance do they have? What do they use as their main location? All of these elements and more have to be figured into the price they charge because these are important elements and ongoing expenses of running a successful organization that you can’t necessarily see or appreciate when they come out to your home.

4. Marketing. Typically, a marketing budget will run between 10-20% of the cost that you pay. Why? Because you had to have a way to reach the company that’ll come out to give you an estimate and unless they make themselves known with a website, internet advertising, being a fairs and festivals and in print, you won’t know they exist.

5. Profit. It’s a tough thing to bring up with the economy being so rough at the moment, but if the company you’re talking to isn’t somehow making a profit from what they’re doing (remember, not everyone winds up buying and yet the company will still have costs to cover from the trip out and time committed to the estimate), they won’t be around for very long. Gutter guard cost should include what it takes for the company to support its staff and families and give the company some room to grow over time.

Gutter Guard Cost vs Doing It Yourself

So, when your not the type of person that is handy (and that includes some of the people on our team, we’ll admit), don’t like climbing ladders, or don’t want to settle for most of the ancient gutter guard designs available at your local box store, you’ll have to decide what type of product you want. The vast majority of companies that sell gutter guards sell 100+ year old designs (the curve was invented in 1908!), so do your homework and choose wisely so at least part of the cost of the system goes towards the quality of the product you’re having installed.