MasterShield Photos with the Tough Cloggers

Rather than show you photos where we only make MasterShield look nice and new, let’s show you photos where we mess it up a bit!  How about photos with different debris?  After all, you’re going to be worried about how it’ll keep out whatever your trees (or your neighbor’s trees) drop in your gutters.  That might be completely different from what someone further down the block or in a completely different part of the country will be trying to address.

Let’s take a look at the worst clog starters—in no particular order.

MasterShield Photos with Oak Debris

Oak trees area very common east of the Rockies.  They shed husks, tassels, acorns, pollen.  Here’s MasterShield with older oak tree debris:

Oak Debris on Gutter CoverOak Debris on Gutter Cover



MasterShield Photos with Fir Needles

Fir trees are very common in the Pacific North West.  Their needles are smaller and flatter than pine straw.  They seem to stick to everything once they fall and are naturally slow to work their way down a roof.  Here’s were a pitched gutter guard like MasterShield will perform better than a product that sits flat.  MasterShield is more likely to continue the glacial forward momentum of fir needles if the product is installed as a natural extension of the roof shingles.  We do suggest to occasionally brush off the system where wind flow may be minimal, like in inside corners.

Fir Needles on Gutter CoverFir Needles on Gutter Guard

MasterShield Photos with Pine Straw/Pine Needles

Pine needles are long, thin and pointy.  They can easily knit together and form an almost solid surface.  Southern pines can have multiple needles coming out of the same tip.  They knit together even faster than single needles.  Worst of all, it only takes a handful of pine needles to clump together over a downspout (the rest of the gutter can be completely clean) to cause the gutter to overflow.  Homeowners near pine tress should regularly check their gutters by their downspouts to minimize gutter clogs.

Pine Needles on Gutter GuardPine Needles on Gutter Cover

MasterShield Photos with Maple Helicopters

They come small and large, single and double.  They don’t come much bigger than these, but can be much smaller.  They easily get through most gutter screens and covers.

Maple Helicopters on Gutter GuardMaple Helicopters on Gutter Cover

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