Gutter Guard Chicagoland: What’s Best for the Homes Around Chicago

Live in and around the suburbs of Chicago? You may live in a classic four square with a comfortable front porch, a historic bungalow or even a stately Georgian colonial right out of the movie Home Alone.  No matter what you call home, people in Chicagoland deal with some gutter issues that you might not find in other parts of the country. Is there a gutter guard Chicagoland can rely on that will offer great protection and performance? We think so.


Beautiful streets like this can be found around Chicagoland. They’ll need gutter guards.

First, many homeowners deal with pine trees.  Pine needles cause lots of problems for homeowners because loads of them pile up on roofs and work their way down into your gutters.  There are a lot of steep pitched roofs as well as flatter hip style roofs around Chicago and pine needles take no prisoners, no matter the roof type.  They’ll quickly knit together over downspouts and cause a gutter clog.

There also seems to be a lot of helicopters from different trees like maples, ash and elms.  Helicopters are flatter than pine needles and will stack more densely in a gutter.  We’ve often seen homes where they extend a few inches out of the top of the gutter and just won’t budge.  There are instances where they’ll cause a clog faster than pine needles.

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Then, there’s a Chicago winter.  Homeowners from other parts of the country just don’t understand the amount of snow that gets dumped all over the city and suburbs from Lake Michigan (maybe not the winter of 2012, but most years).  It makes homeowners that want gutter protection great candidates for a heated gutter guard so that icicles don’t form over entranceways during a long winter.

Your MasterShield Gutter Guard Chicagoland Team Can Help

MasterShield is the latest generation of microfilter gutter guards from Alex Higginbotham, the original inventor of this critically acclaimed technology.  It works on most roof types and uniquely self cleans from the roof oils that leach from asphalt shingles, an issue behind most gutter guard failures.  It eliminates most if not all of the standing debris that typically gets stuck on gutter covers.  Most systems sit flat and MasterShield is intentionally pitched with the roof so that airflow does most of the debris cleaning.

MasterShield is also made from a metal gauge similar to the gutter so it’ll expand and contract just like the gutter itself.  And when temperatures range from the heat of a Midwest summer to the frigid winter, this becomes an important feature.  It means our panels won’t separate over time which can leave a gap that could let in debris.  We also are the only interlocking system to add more stability and protection over the entire gutter run.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg on the features of MasterShield. To learn more in Chicagoland, just call our toll free number or fill out our form for a free estimate.

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