Gutter Covers: The Question MasterShield Likes To Ask People about Gutter Covers

It might seem a little odd that we’d have a question for a homeowner looking at gutter covers this season. Mostly, homeowners want their questions answered and with our FAQs and blog posts, we’re happy to oblige with an exhaustive education.

But let us pose a question that you should always keep in mind when you’re considering gutter covers:
“Do you want your gutter covers to keep some of the debris out of your gutter, or all debris?”

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Leaf Guard QuestionsThere’s only one answer to this question, isn’t there? Yet most gutter covers can’t keep out all debris, particularly the small debris that falls from budding trees each spring. Gutter coveres with wide openings in them, like reverse curves, or open louvers and screens, they’re all pretty good at keeping out the big stuff like leaves in the fall. But from tassels and their husk-like covers from oak trees to buds and maple helicopters, any and all of this budding material that trees will drop in the spring is small and can get through most covers. It will leave a layer of material that will decay and break down into great compost in your gutters right under the gutter cover. This mulch is a highly attractive place for insects like mosquitoes to breed and for squirrels to find a trough to drink from the pockets of water that will remain behind after it rains. Mulch in your gutters is also a ticking time bomb to a clog, the very issue that you were trying to solve in the first place.

MasterShield’s philosophy is simple: gutter covers should let water into a gutter and nothing else. MasterShield uses a stainless steel filter with multi-patented, self-cleaning properties to shed leaves and debris particles barely visible to the naked eye. It is the only system being marketed today to offer HydroVortex Technology and the MicroVortex stainless steel membrane. In fact, you can’t describe the reaction people have when they first see it perform. With HydroVortex Technology, we literally stop rainwater as soon as it contacts the filter, pulling all of the water into the gutter at a tremendous rate.

It makes sense to use a filter to separate liquids from solids, so long as the filter can self clean and doesn’t become trapped with debris. By pitching MasterShield in a similar manner to your roof line, you’ll let the wind flowing down your roof do most of the debris cleaning off the system since debris will react as if there were no gutter on your home.

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Take a quick look at the short video we’ve posted and you’ll see what we mean about how fast the water gets pulled through the filter and how you can pitch the product with the roof pitch to minimize maintenance.

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