Quick Tips: Gutter Covers and Christmas Lights

It’s almost Christmas and it’s time to get your home decorated. Gutter covers and Christmas lights cause a lot of concern for homeowners. What are you to do if you can’t get your lights hung from your gutters because you can’t find anything to attach them to anymore?

Not to worry! Our high-quality gutter guards and heated gutter guards not only protect your home but also provide several places to hang your lights for the holidays.

Here are two of the best locations for hanging your Christmas lights that won’t involve putting holes in or changing your gutter covers in any way.

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Gutter Covers and Christmas Lights – Hang Here, Not There

Gutter Covers Christmas Lights

Here you’ll find a standard Christmas light clip attached to the roof shingle. The strand of lights, chosen to match the gutter covers, is then attached.

1. Your Roof Shingles. Many Christmas light clips can be attached to the last row of your roof shingles rather than to your gutters. If you have gutter covers installed, the shingle edge should be easy to locate and you wont have to disturb your shingles dramatically to install the clips. You’ll just have to make sure your shingles don’t drop into your gutters. Frankly, this would be important to discover since long shingles can wick water onto your roof like drinking through a soda straw if the shingles touch a gutter clogged with water and debris. Poor-quality gutter guards from other manufacturers actually create a shelf on or in your gutters. It’s not uncommon for debris to get trapped here, and if your shingles touch wet debris, water will wick from wet debris into the dry shingle.

If you do hang Christmas lights off your shingles, take care that you protect any location where you have to connect one strand to another from getting too wet. If you hang your lights from your shingles, they wind up covered with snow and will have to deal with any rainwater flowing down your roof.

2. Your Fascia Board. Your gutters are most-often hung from a fascia board, at least if you live east of the Rockies. In many instances, a little of the fascia board will show below the gutters. Attach Christmas light hooks here and you’ll get a straight run across the bottom of your gutters. While you might think this is a little too low, consider the fact that you’ll be looking at your lights in the dark and your eye will rarely notice the difference. Live west of the Rockies? Then use the bottom of your rafter tails, they’re commonly exposed behind your fascia gutters. If you use the equivalent of a cup hook to hang your lights, they’ll extend below the bottom of the gutter.

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Lastly, make sure you follow any manufacturer instructions associated with your choice of lights and take proper precautions climbing your ladder. Gutter covers and Christmas lights don’t need to prevent you from making your house literally glow with holiday cheer.

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