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Use Christmas Light Clips to Hang Holiday Lights

Christmas lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Now that our bellies are sufficiently stuffed from celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s officially the start of the Christmas season which means decorations and lights – and lots of them. A question that you might be wondering as you bring out your holiday decorations is whether or not it’s actually safe or okay to hang Christmas string lights from your gutter guards. If you’ve asked this question, you’ve come to the right place!

First, let us start with “yes.” You can, in fact, hang Christmas string lights from your gutters guards; however, what’s the best way to hang those twinkling lights and not damage your gutter guards in the process? The answer: use Christmas light clips to hang your holiday lights.

Allow us to explain.

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Christmas Lights and Gutter Guards

If you don’t yet have gutter guards, when you get them installed, your MasterShield installer can give you a special Christmas light clip that goes under the drip lip where you can hang your lights. This is the best solution as it avoids any holes or damage to your gutter guards.

If you plan to hang Christmas lights from gutters with existing gutter guards, you will need to let your installer know that you’re planning to do so. Most clips don’t work with gutter guards and may cause damage to your gutter protection system where it connects to the front lip of the gutter. It may also void your product warranty. Chrsitmas lights on gutter guard

If you already have MasterShield gutter guards, there is one gutter clip that we have found that works with our gutter guards. It works because it attaches to the drip lip. The link we’ve shared will take you to where you can get that particular clip.

Something to keep in mind when using gutter light clips, however, is you can get dripping from the lights and the clip that can lead to icicles forming when it gets cold and there is snow or rain.
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Other Ways to use Light Clips to Hang Holiday String Lights

As hanging Christmas light clips from gutter guards is not ideal all of the time, we have identified two optimal locations for hanging Christmas string lights that won’t involve putting holes in or changing your gutter covers in any way.

Roof Shingles

Many, if not most, gutter clips for Christmas string lights can be attached to the last row of your roof shingles. When hanging your Christmas light roof clips, you will need to make sure that your shingles do not drop into your gutters. This is important to discover since long shingles can wick water onto your roof if the shingles touch a gutter clogged with water and debris. Using clips to hang lights from your roof shingles can be a beautiful and incredibly gutter-friendly (and free) way to decorate your roof.

Fascia Board

More often than not, gutters are hung from a fascia board and, often, a bit of the fascia board will hang below the gutters. This provides you with a prime location to hang those Christmas lights without affecting your gutter or gutter guards. You can simply attach Christmas light hangers to the fascia board and the lights will all hang evenly just beneath your gutters.

Keeping Your Home Both Festive and Safe

At the end of the day, Christmas decorations should bring cheer and they should do so without bringing any potential danger to your gutters or roof. By using Christmas light hanging clips to install your holiday string lights, you will not only create a festive look and feel for your home, but you will also do so without damaging your gutter guards. This can help to keep you and your family safe from winter water or snow damage.

Here’s to a happy, festive, safe, and gutter-friendly holiday season!

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