Gutter Cleaning Tools – Innocent Mistakes That Can Impact You

Before you go ahead and stick even a gloved hand in a cold, wet muck-filled gutter, you might consider purchasing some gutter cleaning tools to help handle the job. We’re more of the multi-taskers with our tools and have discussed the basic tools you’ll need to clean a gutter in a prior post. But if gadgets are your thing, we’ve tried to take some of the guess work out of your decision with the commentary you’ll find about products on some online stores.

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Gutter Cleaning Tools – Considerations

The main considerations from the online reviews of most cleaning tools can get summed up pretty easily:

  1. You can’t see what you’re doing when you do the whole job from the ground. Gutter cleaning is normally done from where you can see into the gutter, so you know how clean and clear it is. If you stick to the ground, you’ll not be certain the whole run will be properly cleaned.
  2. Many products seem better suited for dry leaves, not wet debris or pine needles. Grasping at leaves didn’t seem too difficult, but with most products, moving a wet clump of debris or pine straw was hard. If you have fir needles, consider the task even more difficult.
  3. Gutter Cleaning Tools

    The safety of the ground is a lot more appealing than watching a loved one up doing this work.

    In many cases, the products seemed better at dealing with first story gutters, not second story ones. You still needed to be on a ladder to get the best use of many of these gutter cleaning tools.

  4. These gutter cleaning tools seemed to make more sense dealing with a clogged section than a whole gutter run. Several seemed to add time to the work load, even though you didn’t need a ladder.
  5. Quality of several products was an issue for most people. They just didn’t seem to stand up to use over several seasons.
  6. Many need to be used in connection with extension poles or other extension parts that significantly raise the price for the products, particularly for any second story work. Nothing seemed to be designed for taller homes where you might have a basement walkout or driveway under your home.

We were surprised how infrequently most people commented on gutter cleaning tools online. The most reviews we found for one product was 121 (in November 2012), but in most instances we found less than 25 reviews. That may show the product isn’t that popular nor may the results be statistically significant.

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Gutter cleaning tools can be broken down into two main categories: those that used forced air to clean the gutter and those that used water. The water-based products got good reviews for cleaning out fine, small debris like shingle grit. They didn’t receive particularly good marks for big clumps of debris, they just couldn’t get it moved or removed effectively. Several commented there was not enough water pressure created to to blast debris from where it was lodged. These products also got a lot of people wet, sometimes very wet.

Air based system worked off of your leaf blower or your shop vacuum, so plan on having one of these items first. Several people found the air tubes unwieldy (leaf blower arms can be unwieldy and they’re only a few feet long) and hard to keep together, particularly for two story homes. These systems tended to have the same problem as the gutter cleaning robot as they tossed leaves back onto your roof where they rolled back into your gutters again after you finished the job.

Several people liked the simple scoop the best, but it became apparent there are a lot of poor quality ones sold where the handle broke or they cracked easily. And ladder climbing was still necessary, but more people felt the job was done right once finished.

Lastly, one homeowner noted that he found using Gutter Sense, a product that had the best reviews overall for gutter cleaning tools, caused some neck strain from constantly looking up. We think this issue may be the case with doing any gutter cleaning that involves staying on the ground, but it was smart for this manufacturer to go as far as noting it in their installation instructions.

Consider Microfiltration Gutter Guards

Not sure you want to make the investment in gutter cleaning tools but want clean gutters? Then gutter guards may be a better option. Microfiltration gutter guards, such as the state-of the-art technology found in MasterShield can permanently put an end to clogs and cleaning saving you time and energy from even having to think about cleaning your gutters ever again. That may be worth more to you than any gutter cleaning tools you could possibly buy.

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