Gutter Cleaning? Don’t Leave Out this Simple 10 Second Step

Planning on gutter cleaning any time soon? Then you’ve got a great opportunity to do more than get your gutters flowing again. You’ve got the perfect chance to check your roof, shingles and fascia for problems that can develop along the roof line.

Keep This in Mind as You’re Gutter Cleaning

As you go down the gutter run, use a pointed screwdriver or awl to press into your fascia board by your gutter. What is your fascia board? It’s the piece of wood behind the back of the gutter where the gutter is attached to your home. Does it feel spongy or does it give? This can be a tell-tale a sign of wood rot from water damage. Is the paint on it flaking? That is another sign of water getting on your fascia and the board may need to be replaced.

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Gutter Inspection

Finding shingles like this when you’re gutter cleaning means you should be thinking about shingle repairs or how your roof is aging.

Check your roof shingles, but don’t do this on a very cold day. Try to do this where the sun shines on your roof as well; the shingle is more likely to be pliable. Take the corner of a shingle in your hand and bend it. Does it flex or did it feel like it would crack and/or break? Does it look puffed or bloated? All are signs of an aging shingle. Now check for wear. Does the shingle have craters or pits in it? Are there any places without shingle grit? Look into the gutter for signs of shingle grit. Some is normal, but you don’t want too much of this build up. Only very new and very old roofs lose lots of shingle grit. Do the shingles show signs of curling, cracking or have several ripped? Minor shingle repairs can be done, but if many show wear like this, you’ll want to watch your roof carefully. Do the shingles hang down into the gutter? If they drop in too far, they could be wicking water up through them, particularly if they are sitting in gutter debris for extended periods. With the shingle lifted, use your screwdriver or awl to press against the subroof. Does it appear spongy or does it look wavy? If you have fascia gutters and the rafter tails are exposed, use your screwdriver to press into the ends. Are they solid? Anything that feels spongy should be watched closely and repair work should be considered in the near future. Do you have any other things to check for when you’re cleaning you’re gutter cleaning? Feel free to share them with us.

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