Does a Gutter Brush Work to Keep Gutters Clean?

Clogged gutters are inconvenient, to say the least, and cleaning the gutters is a dreaded and even dangerous chore. To that effect, there are many inventions to prevent gutters from clogging in the first place. Besides gutter screens and guards, the gutter brush is one of the more popular ways do-it-yourselfers keep their gutters free of debris.

What Is a Gutter Brush?

A gutter guard brush is a heavy set of bristles which is about five inches in diameter. It usually comes in lengths of 18” or 36” and sells in packages of twelve. The center is made of galvanized steel wire that has black synthetic bristles extending from it like a brush used to clean bottles.

The gutter brushes, which fit into the gutters perfectly, lay end-to-end along the lengths of the gutters. This deflects debris like leaves and pine needles that would normally wind up in the gutter. The rainwater continues to flow freely while preventing debris from falling into the gutter.

The gutter brush method for keeping gutters free from leaves is inexpensive. Brushes are available for purchase at home improvement centers. Installation is easy. Simply place the brushes in the gutter and you can forget about them. Or can you?

Do Brushes Work?

For some people, they do. Many homeowners have complaints, though, and consider them a waste of money. For example, because it is not fastened down, a gutter guard brush can simply blow away in high winds. This makes it a complete waste of money and time. But let’s look at a few other ways a gutter guard brush doesn’t work.

While large leaves are deflected and blow past the brush – smaller leaves, twigs, dirt, and seeds get caught in the gutter guard brush and will create an immovable clog. That is until you get up and clean your gutters out. Until then, this sort of damming up will cause the rainwater to spill right over the gutter and onto the porches or sidewalks of your home. As well, when helicopter seeds from maple trees get stuck in the bristles, the gutter is a perfect place for them to start growing.

What’s the Alternative?

For many people, it’s to throw out the gutter brushes (along with all the gunk) and go back to the old-fashioned method of getting up on a ladder and using a gutter cleaning brush. Or they may try an extension brush to clean gutters – or a telescopic brush – so they don’t risk falling off the roof.

In reality, though, many people find that investing in gutter guards from a reputable company is a more permanent solution. New innovations in gutter guards make them a better alternative to the cheap do-it-yourself novelties from the home improvement stores that don’t really work to clean your gutters.

A well-respected product like MasterShield will help protect your home from rainwater damage without ever having to clean them again.