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What Makes Our Gutter Guards Different?

Boldly stating “Our Gutter Guards are the best” will just mean anyone else with a gutter guard will say the same thing. Why waste your time with a claim like that?

But it is worth sharing MasterShield Gutter Guards are seriously different. To discover more, fill out the form for a free estimate or keep reading.

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Hate Cleaning Gutters? Read This…

Have you heard the story of the proud fisherman who tried to impress a couple of guides with his angling skills?

“I had a big marlin on the line,” he shared, “When along came an enormous shark, opened his mouth and just swallowed that marlin whole. Did I have a time landing that shark!”

“Hmm,” grunted one of the guides in disbelief, “Where I come from, we bait with sharks!”

No matter how strong someone makes their story, there’s always someone ready to top it.

It’s why we’d rather share why we’re different and why different protection makes sense for a once-and-done purchase.

  • Our technical staff invented micro mesh gutter guards and has only been improving and advancing the technology over time.
  • The latest advancement? A newly patented technology where copper is woven into the stainless steel filter to address oils and organisms, two common gutter guard killers that cause most systems to fail, and an issue you won’t see anyone talk about.
  • We don’t believe in single use plastics in a gutter guard. Plastics are bad for the environment and simply fail faster than an all metal product ever will.
  • Angling like the roof with a shingle safe back means less maintenance, no rot spot and extra drip edge to add protection to your roof shingles. It’s why four major shingle manufacturers have approved our installation
    Angling like the roof is only good if the system can change the forward flow of water and not have all of it flow over the gutter guard. We can show you how good that is right in your sink or with your hose.
  • A company that’s there when you have an issue. Yes, they happen but it’s how you take care of your customers when they do call that speaks volumes about your organization.

Fill the form out above to schedule a free estimate today. When you do, one of our friendly and trusted contractors from your area will phone you to schedule a time for an estimate that works best for you.

Why MasterShield?

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