Florida Gutter Cover: What Happens When I Have A Pool Enclosure?

Homeowners in the Sunshine State want gutter covers, and a common Florida gutter cover question is how a homeowner addresses a screen enclosure, a pool enclosure or pool cage.

You’ll find lots of palm trees in Florida, but also a lot of pin oak and pines.  On top of that, Florida gets rain bursts.  Not your nice misty rainfalls, but “gully washers”, tremendous dumps of water in a very short time frame.  Many of us know what it’s like to get a quick summer burst, but the farther south you go, it seems to get more extreme.

Pools in screened enclosures keep bugs away, tree debris out of your pool and filters direct sunlight.  Unfortunately, installing a gutter cover with a pool enclosure poses problems and makes most common gutter cover designs unusable.  That’s because a trough is formed where the pool cage interacts with the roof and the most common systems, reverse curves, can’t be installed on this edge.  Enclosures may also have special gutters and a gutter guard has to be adaptable to the gutter trough on the home or enclosure.  They may also be designed where the center of the enclosure is taller than the edges (a Mansard-style enclosure, see photo), which means the screen from the enclosure drops towards the gutter just like the roof drops towards the gutter.  The gutter becomes the low point between the enclosure and the home.  The Florida gutter cover you’ll have to use must have an adaptable front lip and back edge.

Florida gutter cover and pool enclosure

This enclosure drops towards the gutter, as shown by the arrow. MasterShield can protect the gutter, but there is no place for the debris to fall to the ground with this design. You’ll have to occasionally brush or blow it clean. The debris will remain over the gutter, not in it.

A Necessary Step with a Florida Gutter Cover

Fortunately, MasterShield Gutter Protection has been able to address this issue, solving the problem of installing a gutter cover when a home has a pool enclosure.  Our stainless steel microfilter in its flexible aluminum housing can be fitted along the gutter edge where it connects with the pool enclosure.  The adaptable back can be installed in under the shingles of a composite shingle roof, or installed on the fascia or gutter alone if other roofing materials, like Spanish tiles, are used.

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