Five Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips – Ladders

It’s that time of year again?! Spring gutter cleaning?!?

Ah, another “honey-do” moment that none of us looks forward to. Spring gutter cleaning is a hassle and ranks #1 in projects most homeowners look to avoid.

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Spring Gutter Cleaning

While it looks attractive on a walkway, sadly this same debris is also collecting in this homeowner’s gutters.

If you don’t have a gutter guard protecting your gutters, here are five spring gutter cleaning tips for ladders that we recommend.

 Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips

  1. A ladder stand-off. Don’t clean your gutters without a ladder with a stand off. Gutters are made out of roll formed aluminum and if you lean a ladder against them, you could leave ladder marks or, worse yet, partially collapse them. A ladder with a stand off will lean on the roof and get you high enough to get over the gutter comfortably. Stand-offs increase stability. You’re not up on a ladder every day; don’t presume you’re going to like the feeling of getting up on something wobbly.
  2. Check the area where you are placing the ladder. You do not want to place the ladder anywhere conditions could cause an issue. Snowy, muddy, icy, greasy ground– did you think about this at all when you placed the ladder or were you just looking up at the top because you had to deal with managing the unwieldiness of the thing? Have you ever put a stone under one leg to level the ladder? Don’t. Find another spot to place the ladder, it’s not worth the risk.
  3. Climb with dry shoes. Accidents are more likely to occur when people climb up and down a ladder when their feet are wet. You may be using a hose as part of your spring gutter cleaning. Take care water doesn’t splash onto you or that you’ve created a wet pool along the ground right where you’re placing your ladder. Having a towel at hand to dry your shoes before you climb isn’t a bad idea.
  4. Both feet on the ladder at all times. Yeah, you want to stretch to get another few inches cleaned. And you’re inclined to take your weight off of center and lean. Don’t. Get down and move the ladder. What you lose in a few minutes of time is not time you want to add to an emergency room visit.
  5. Make one trip. Plan ahead before you climb. Bucket, garbage bag, hose, scoop, brush, waterproof gloves. Create a checklist and have it at the bottom of your ladder and within sight.

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We’re not talking rocket science here, we’re talking your safety. Anyone undertaking this task going up more than four feet on a ladder should take that to heart. “Honey-do” only means something when there is a healthy “honey” to “do” the chore.

Got any other tips for using a ladder for spring gutter cleaning? Feel free to share them here.

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