Earthquakes and Gutter Guards: Another Reason Flexibility is Good

Where where you when the East Coast Earthquakeof 2011 hit?

Gutter Guard Flexibility

MasterShield Gutter Protection is flexible, yet strong, a point we love to make.

Alex Higginbotham and a few other people from the MasterShield team where at the home of one of our neighbors. They called us in because they thought they had three birds nests under the building-supply gutter guard they had installed by their handyman.

Alex climbed up the ladder on the first section and noted that whoever installed the system left about a three inch section of gutter completely unprotected (the things you just don’t know about if you get a gutter guard installed from someone who works out of their truck, but that’s for another post). Once he removed the gutter guard, he discovered so much debris had gotten into the gutter trough that the downspout was completely blocked. Birds were getting in and using the gutter as a birdbath.

Alex was on the second section of gutter when the earthquake hit. Two stories off the ground, he knew the ladder was wobbly, but thought it strange when it started swaying while someone was standing on the bottom of it. Yours truly was sitting on the back of a minivan watching the video getting filmed and thought someone was playing games to make the van bounce. A few minutes later, with Alex safely on the ground, one of our phones beeped with word of the earthquake.

It made us think about the installed product we have on both coasts and the implications of going through an earthquake. Our dealers and our customers would be fine.

You see MasterShield is flexible, yet strong a point we love to make. They can move when the gutter moves, which is what millions of feet of them were doing today all along the Eastern Seaboard. When MasterShield moves, it will flex, meaning it won’t stress the stainless steel screws used to hold it in place. It’s not attached to the roof in any way, so it will move. We love to use the analogy about a reed blowing in the wind (if it was rigid, it would break) and today was a perfect example of that.

So for all MasterShield owners that were a part of today’s events, rest assured, your gutter guard will be there, ready to protect you from… Hurricane Irene, perhaps?

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