DIY Gutter Guard

DIY gutter guard

DIY Gutter Guard – Do I Need a Dealer?

A DIY gutter guard is a gutter guard for the “do-it-yourself-er.”

Can someone that doesn’t want a dealer installed system be helped? Yes, they can.

While MasterShield will remain a dealer installed system, MasterShield inventor Alex Higginbotham has created a DIY gutter guard designed off of his original, expanded metal and micro mesh technology.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles found in MasterShield, it does have a few unique features his earlier technology didn’t have. This brings his expanded metal and micro mesh concept to a whole new level.

Higginbotham technology is not just based on having a “stainless steel” filter. That being said, some gutter guard designs are trying to convince homeowners that it only takes “stainless steel” and a “filter” to make a gutter guards worthy of protecting their home.

Filters haven’t accomplished anything on their own that offers quality, long term protection. Remember gutter screens? Probably not, because they failed as gutter protection. Now, take that same screen, make it out of a better material, add more threads so that the openings are smaller and call it a filter.  Is it going to work any better?  Absolutely not.

If you’ve learned anything from MasterShield, you’ve learned that filters clog from the oils that leach from roof shingles. And GutterLove™, the DIY gutter guard from Alex Higginbotham, offers features in the product design to self clean of roof oils.

Are you handy with a drill and snips?  Would a home improvement project done from the top of a ladder not bother you?  Then GutterLove just might be what you’re looking for.