The Cost of Doing Nothing With Your Gutters

Have you taken a look up at your gutters lately? Most people choose to ignore their gutters, and when they do, create problems that never would have existed. Doing nothing with your gutters can be a real problem, and as you’ll see, waiting until it’s too late can leave a real hole in your wallet.

Doing Nothing With Your Gutters Has a Real Cost

Clogged and overflowing gutters are very common. We can’t tell you how often we go out to someone’s home and see clogged or poorly maintained gutters. Many homeowners feel that it’s cheaper to do nothing instead of investing in a gutter protection system that would solve this problem permanently.

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Though it may seem that your gutters aren’t problematic, in reality they could be causing major damage to your home. In fact, clogged gutters will cost you far more to fix than an investment in gutter protection would be. Clogged gutters can:

  • Cause rot to your fascia
  • Damage your roof
  • Create unhealthy mold and mildew
  • Damage your foundation

These are just a few of the expensive problems clogged gutters can cause. You can learn even more about these problems and costs here.

We have met with many homeowners and have explained that ignoring the problem will cost them more in the long run than it would by addressing the problem now.

Doing Nothing With Your Gutters Is a Bad Idea

Is doing nothing with your gutters a risk YOU want to take with your home?

Here’s an example. Lets say the cost of a gutter protection system for your home is $2,000. You know that you have a problem but choose to ignore it. Over the next five years, your fascia boards begin to rot. Your gutters that did not have to be replaced now need to be because the weight of leaves and winter ice have pulled the gutters from your house. Your landscaping has been washing away year after year and that, too, needs to be replaced.

A conservative number for repairing this damage would be between $1,500 and $3,000. Also note, this is to repair the damage that has been done to your home, but you still haven’t corrected the problem. All you’ve done is fix the damage that occurred by ignoring the problem. More likely than not, the pattern will get repeated and these costs will continue to mount.

Something else to consider by not fixing the problem: In most cases, the cost of installing the same gutter protection system five years from now will be more than the investment is today!

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By maintaining and installing a gutter protection system like MasterShield on your home, you can keep the thousands of dollars that you’ll have to spend if you decide to do nothing with your gutters. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine – and that applies to long-term gutter maintenance, too.

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