Cicada Invasion 2013

Adding to what seems to be a growing trend in zombies – popular cable television shows, movies, video games and the like, if you live on the East Coast, you’re in for a zombie-like treat this year. The cicada invasion 2013 is set fill your world with zombie-eyed bugs that will outnumber humans approximately 600 to one.

Cicada Invasion 2013 and Your Gutters

First, it should be clear that, unlike Hollywood zombies, cicadas are harmless. If they have anything bad going against them, it’s the fact that they are really noisy. The cicada invasion 2013 is going to be noteworthy by the decibels of their mating sounds. We were recently on a cell phone call with someone who sounded like they were in a factory, the background noise from the cicadas was so loud.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Estimate

Cicada Invasion 2013Since we’re focused on protecting your home, what will the impact of the cicada invasion 2013 mean for you? If you have unprotected gutters, expect that if you can hear cicadas, your gutters will fill with lots of brittle shells as the cicadas molt.

As cicadas grow, they leave their old shell behind. Since they mate in tree branches, they molt a second time at the tree top and lots of these shells will wind up falling on your roof, where they’ll work their way into your gutters.

Once the male and female cicadas mate (and female cicadas produce about 600 eggs each), their offspring dive bomb off the tree branches and try to bury their way into the ground. Any that fall on your roof will roll into your gutters. If they find unclean gutters filled with spring debris, they may bury their way into this, thinking they’re underground.

Needless to say, running across this could make your next gutter cleaning particularly unpleasant. Few things in the world are like gutter cleaning. No one wants to talk about the obnoxious odors and sewage like sludge you tend to pull from them all in the name of seasonal home maintenance. Add to this the cicada invasion 2013, and there could be lots of larvae-like creepy-crawlies lurking there this year. You’ve now made this chore something that feels like it just could be in a Hollywood zombie movie!

The cicada invasion of 2013 just might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and makes you realize just how tired you are of gutter cleaning. If that’s the case, make sure to choose a micro mesh gutter guard like MasterShield, which keeps out all debris down to 50 microns (a brick wall to cicada shells!) and lets nothing but water through. MasterShield is the most patented microfiltration gutter guard, so you’re protected by the most advanced system on the market with all the critical bells and whistles you’ll want protecting your home.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Estimate

So when the cicada invasion 2013 becomes the cicada invasion 2030, you’re home will still be protected from cicadas as well as anything else your trees drop in between.

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