Cheap Leaf Guards: What You Can Learn from a Can of Diet Coke

I recently ordered a Diet Coke on a flight.  I haven’t had soda for a while so I was quite surprised to discover a change to Diet Coke that struck me. With the can twisted towards its contents, I saw 333 ml.  Or, what really shocked me, 11.27 ounces. And it made me think about cheap leaf guards, because that’s what I’m prone to do.

What happened to the 12 oz. can of soda?  Somehow it disappeared and I missed the whole thing.  Am I the last person in America to notice this change?  I sincerely hope not.  And more importantly, what does Coke think it’s doing or saving by taking away 0.73 ounces of soda, or one sip, from the can?

Diet CokeAs I wrestled with the 11.27 oz. can of Diet Coke in my head, it also got me thinking the same thing had happened to leaf guards. People had started to make cheap leaf guards, manufacturing their products “less” than they had been in the past. And, if taking something away that people thought was a benefit (like a full 12 ounces of Diet Coke), how could you possibly make a potential customer happy?  Why would you lower the bar on people’s expectations?  Why would you try to sell it as if it was as good as it was?

What we think of cheap leaf guards

The team at MasterShield has a different philosophy. Not to offer cheap leaf guards, but to offer the best performing gutter guards, bar none. Try to improve and advance micro mesh technology, not “dumb it down.” To make product decisions based on what offers the best performance. And to be known for doing just that.

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Alex Higginbotham personally tests all every new gutter guard that he can get his hands on, even cheap leaf guards.  That may be new products that come out that want to join the ranks of micro mesh, or other gutter guards based on other technologies. Much, he says, “de-evolves” the key features of what made the technology work in the first place: whether that be technology taught in 1908 or 2008. When you de-evolve something, plainly, its performance suffers and won’t be what homeowners want or expect.

De-evolution has the potential of giving the whole gutter guard industry a bad name, just the way taking the last sip of a 11.27 ounce can of Diet Coke away might leave a bad taste in your mouth or just leave you wanting more.

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