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MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for April 15-17, 2016!

April 13th, 2016

April 15 is this Friday, the start of our MasterShield weekend, and things couldn’t be lovelier. Except for, you know, taxes being upon us. With the 1040 form reaching a whopping 77 lines, US Income taxes are the bane of many’s existence. Unless the tax industry is employing you, you probably mutter curses and grind your teeth whenever you hear that three-letter word. But what about Home Shows & Trade Shows? Those are words I hope don’t make you grind your teeth. Mainly because I use them a fair bit. Hey, I have a responsibility! A responsibility to provide you with news of the latest and greatest MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for the weekend of April 15-17! Trade shows, trade shows, trade shows.
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MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for April 8-10, 2016!

April 8th, 2016

Whomever we missed last week on account of Easter, Happy Easter!

The second weekend of April is like a bumblebee landing on tissue paper: quiet. It’s certainly not the airplane-taking-off-at-a-rock-concert loudness you’ve come to expect from MasterShield’s presence, but it is still undeniably a presence. We roar, we howl, and we keep water out of your home.
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MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for April 1-3, 2016!

March 30th, 2016

March has marched out of here like a March hare, and we have much to say about it! Namely, we’re as mad as a March hare about our MasterShield gutter guard and the incredible job it does at protecting your gutters. With Alex Higginbotham’s unmatched microfiltration technology, your home’s in great hands with MasterShield.
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MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for March 18-20, 2016!

March 16th, 2016

March rhymes with arch and is something like an arch month. March arches from winter to spring and provides much needed structural support to the seasonal architecture of the year. Other such months would include September, which does not rhyme with March and therefore does not rhyme with arch.
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MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for March 11-13, 2016!

March 7th, 2016

What is it that they say about the month of March? In like a something, out like a something, right? I’m having trouble remembering the ol’ adage, so let’s make up our own! The month of March is in like a clogged gutter, out like a MasterShield! Too nonsensical? Maybe. How about: in like a hesitant MasterShield customer, out like a loyal patron of the best gutter guard on the market? Hmmm, we’ll work on that.

On to the trade shows, then!

It’s the second weekend of March, and the Ides are creeping up on us. Beware the Ides, but more importantly, beware the damage incurred by unprotected gutters! Unprotected gutters lead to clogging, clogging leads to water too close to your home, and water too close to your home leads to real problems! Specifically: rotting fascia, cracking foundation, twisting siding, heaving driveways, and destroying basements. With so much to be worried about, MasterShield is the answer to your gutter protection needs. But don’t just take this blog post’s word for it! Let us show you what we mean at our MasterShield booth. Come on out to one of the lovely trade shows going on this weekend.

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MasterShield Home Shows & Trade Shows for March 5,6 2016!

March 4th, 2016

The air is abuzz with the sounds of spring, and the news is abuzz with the sounds of election season. Animals, candidates, and MasterShield dealers are all marching out of their homes with the promise of warmer weather. March 5 and March 6 are shaping up to be a beautiful few days, so why not join them?

Ready to spring into the season? Spend a day strolling around a great local home show! It’s a great way to work your legs and invigorate your senses. Let promising booths stimulate your imagination and show you novel ways you can improve your home.

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